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Clean bill of physical health

Oct 13, 2011 - 6 comments

Went to my doctor today and she doesn't think there's anything physically wrong with me. She said that my symptoms of racing heartbeat, skipped heartbeats, and shakiness sound like a classic case of anxiety. I explained how physical it all feels and how skeptical I am that the mind can cause such sensations, but like many people on this website have assured me, it can! Looking at the records of all the heart tests I've had, she said I can pretty much rule out a physical heart problem as the cause of my distress. Going to have some blood work done to make sure there's nothing wrong in my blood, but got the impression that the doctor feels it's unlikely too. Don't know what to think ... from reading other peoples' posts, it seems that doctors tend to give a diagnosis of anxiety for almost any physical problem they are unable to pin down. On the other hand, I have had physical tests done, and they have come back fine. I guess I'm going to have to start looking for ways to calm down! The doctor is in favour of drugs, but I don't want to do that to myself. I'm going to work towards wellness the natural way ... Must remember that my heart is HEALTHY. That I am HEALTHY. In body, and hopefully, in mind.

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by babiebabes, Oct 13, 2011
It's amazing how our emotions can cause such physical distress. The concept of holistic medicine is the belief that the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental are interwined. It sounds like you have had the appropriate tests to rule out any sinister diagnosis. Sometimes common thyroid disorders can cause the symptoms you've been experiencing, however your blood tests will likely confirm you are healthy :o) I know it's difficult to consider medication for anxiety but you must look at the big picture. How does anxiety affect your day to day life? If medication could lessen your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life would you it be worth a try? I'm not pro or against meds. I don't take meds and for the first time am considering the feasability in giving them a try. Mostly to replace my seratonin depleted brain caused by my drug use. I do know that **** quai and kava kava are a couple of herbal supplements known for their efficacy. I'm glad you are seeing your doctor proves that you are invested in your health and wellness :o) Well wishes to you!

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by Gary10, Oct 13, 2011
Hey it's me. Also been to the doctors office and the ER some many times,knowing something is wrong but just like you all the test come back good theyvsay I'm healthy as a horse what ever that means! I always been healthy and out of the blue Anxiety,Panic attacks,whole lo of stress from work lost of appetite went from 192lb to 172lb in the last 2 1/2 mths so I agree with babiebabes maybe some Meds wouldn't heart.I'm just like you never ever would I take Meds unit now because of Anxiety and Panic attacks so I'm on Xanax .05 I take as needed and it helps but no cure.You might need to re think just to slow you Bad thought down and ease you day for a moment.Hope you fell better.

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by gothic_beauty, Oct 16, 2011
I don't know ... I have heard stories of some very negative side effects from drugs. I've heard of everything from weight gain (a serious issue for me) to suicidal tendencies. I am a person who is very affected by everything she puts into her body, so I'm pretty sure that any sort of drug would have a strong effect on me. Besides, I don't think I'd feel quite like myself if I was on drugs. At the risk of sounding really uptight, I like to be in complete control of my mental faculties. For that reason, I don't even drink. This is why the idea of being on drugs, whatever the reasoning behind it, freaks me out. I hate the thought that it could be the best option for me :(

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by Gary10, Oct 16, 2011
I do understand what you are saying,I use to be the same way about taking any medicine even just aspirin. I'm on Xanax .05mg witch is the lowest dosage and i Brake them in HALF witch makes them even a lower dosage and I only take them when I feel an anxious and feel and episode coming on it takes the edge off and relaxes me and that's the only Med I'm on. I heard the same stories and read the same side effects it's scary but FOR ME that's what I need to function day to day.

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by gothic_beauty, Oct 17, 2011
Hmmm ... Gary10, you're making me reconsider! I have been feeling especially anxious today again, and am thinking how much I would appreciate being able to take the edge off my feeling, as you say. Even a low dosage of meds scares me, but you're right, if it would help me to function, maybe I need to change my way of thinking. Will see how my blood test goes, and then talk to my doctor. Have to think about it some more ...

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by suzy74601, Oct 17, 2011
I also hate drugs.  Have a clean bill of health except a few tummy issues.  I have PVC and PAC on a regular basis.  I also have major anxiety and panic attacks at times.  I have not had issues until I misscarried in august 2010 after that my body was working against me.  I see a D. O instead of a M.D maybe you should look into that?  They are more about natural healing and all that Jazz.  I am trying to improve myself by focusing on things I can control like my weight and what I put into my body and such.  Not focusing on bigger issues that I cannot change like my PAC and PVCs I think that if I can get the rest of me right maybe that will fix itself since it was never a issue before my MC.  I had them on rare occasion but nothing that scared me.  

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