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8 days a week

Oct 14, 2011 - 0 comments














I am 8 days clean today! I didnt buy pills earlier this week when i had the chance and I am not withdrawaling!!
I never thought I would make it here and im not going to throw this opportunity away. This is amazing.
The first few days were super easy and happy and ive had mixed emotions this last week. I havnt had any big cravings or anything, but I have had a couple of moments where i get that old anticipated feeling in my chest at the thought of getting pills before I remember that im not using anymore! I know this will fade with time.

Its going to be a process learning to live without the huge spikes in emotion that addiction causes. There is no even ground for an addict. You either have your drug, and are elated for a time, or you dont have your drug and can barely function. I had forgotten that real life doesnt feel like that. Ive had to stop myself from over stressing out about other random crap this last week because I was looking for that high octane feeling.

I am so grateful that this chance has been given to me. Thank you everyone so much for the support. please feel free to contact me if you need a friend. I cant keep this happiness to myself, i'll help however I can.

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