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Break Time..

Oct 15, 2011 - 3 comments






Well Ladies Me & DH Have Decided To Take A BIG BREAK With All This TTC Stuff.. Im Thinking About Going On BCP For A While, Since Im Not Gonna Be TTC Anytime Soon. I Need To Clear My Head From All The Baby Making Stuff And Just Go Back To Normal... Im Excited About This Break, Who Knows Maybe Once I Take My Mind Off Of Things (POOF) It'll Happene Lol. Im Still Gon Be On Here Tracking My Cycles And Whatnot Im Just Not Gonna Be Taking My Temp Or Checking My CM Ect. For A While. Heres To A New ME!!

P.S. Im Not Sure When Im Gonna TTC Again, But It Wont Be Until The Middle Of Next Year When I Do. I Wanna Lose Weight, And Get Myself Healthy Again <3 Im Excited About It.. Its Time To Start OVER!!

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1659605 tn?1326832547
by RobinB9, Oct 15, 2011
I'm excited for you! There's nothing more rejuvenating than a fresh new healthy start and a change in perspective :) enjoy this you time!

1118302 tn?1422495161
by yoha919, Oct 15, 2011
sounds like a good plan hun get yourself healthier and watch your body get on point i have faith in you look at me when i was on my lowest you was always here for me so is time for me to be here for you :) if you need weightloss tips come talk to me lol ive lost a total of 45pounds and is the best move i could of done because now im ovulating and having normal non induced periods back to back for the last 3 months :) is a great feeling that i want you to exp im here for you and i love you!

1045727 tn?1463742983
by Vantom, Oct 15, 2011
@robin: thanks hun this break is just what i need to clear my head from all this ttc stuff :o)

@yohanny: thanks sis and heck yea i need some tips on how to lose weight lol i need all the help i can get now that im on this break.. Luv u too hun thanks for the encouragement :o)

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