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Starting anew

Oct 06, 2008 - 1 comments

So the IUI last month didn't work, or rather, if it did work, I miscarried... Seems this has been happening for a while. My dr ordered a bloodtest 8 days past my IUI to check progesterone, and it was very low, 8. I've been mentioning to my doctors for the last full year that I was concerned about short luteal phase, or luteal phase defect, and turns out, now that my new (wonderful) doc had it tested, I was right! SO- we're doing another IUI this month, as my ovaries looked perfect and fine, no cysts, and now I'll take progesterone after ovulation to prevent LPD. Phew!

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by valerieann, Oct 06, 2008
When I was having children I miscarried twice the first son came after my first miscarriage and second son no problems and then when I had my daughter I miscarried before her birth, miscarriages for me where painfull both physically and emotionally and now when I look back I am anger at some of the treatment, one thing I would off done no matter how silly others think it, was be asked for what ever was miscarried and had a little funeral. Because one does mourn in the loss of a miscarriage, and it is live. and I guess being a Christian now it just seems I would off like to have done that.

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