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IUD removal

No test line at all on OPKs yet? Beginning to think I'm not going to ovulate. I read online that bleeding for MORE than 3 days after mirena removal can be a period. I bled for 5 and spotted 2. I have been having twinges of pain every now and then the past few days. Usually on the left side. Which I always had pain(minor) on the left with Mirena every now and then. I suppose I could have developed cysts? It's just frustrating.

I read online about other women who have had one line OPK tests and still got a surge at some point. I had used an OPK when we were trying for our 3rd but the test line always came up then. I guess Mirena could be messing with the test. Maybe my hormones are not completely back to normal?? I am hoping to see a test line by CD24.

Also, because we want a BOY we haven't been BD at all. I had my Mirena removed Sept 23(friday). We had unprotected intercourse the saturday before. I don't think there is chance of the sperm living that long to fertilize an egg? (Periods went away after a year, so don't know when it would of been). We have had intercourse once after removal but we used a condom. (Note: I had never been on BC before Mirena. We never had any probs with condoms failing)
I am just at a loss right now. The waiting... is the hardest part.

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