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Another Birthday has come and gone

Oct 18, 2011 - 1 comments

And I guess with everything that has been happening to me health wise I have been thinking too much! LOL!!

I have friends who are much younger than I who work all the time and don't stop to enjoy life - I was the same way - In hindsight I wish I had that time back - To be able to run around and do things and go places - There are so many places I want to go and see that I was always too "Busy" to go to -  Now I can't do those things.  Funny how when you can do stuff you take it for granted -  I would love just to be able to walk unassisted - Let alone anything else -  I am just tired of being tired.  Everything is an effort and I think it just makes me more tired.  

More MRI's this week and then the big consultation with the neuro on Tuesday the 25th,  In some ways want to know what is going on - I am pretty certain what she is going to say and am prepared but in others ignorance is bliss!  LOL!  I guess hearing the words puts some finality to it and then you have a label where as now it is still suspect as to what is wrong with me.  

I am told I am being pessimestic however I have found it easier to deal with life if I am realistic - Realistically I cannot walk without help - Realistically I cannot feel my feet anymore and they are in such pain it is nuts.  Realistically if someone chased me to hurt me I could not run away!

Anyway somehow the past 30 years since I started college have come and gone and here I am.  Funny how that time goes by so fast isn't it??

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by illinwithoutacause, Oct 18, 2011
my birthday was yesterday, and i can't believe where the years have gone myself.  oh, to have the carefree life and energy level of a college student...

i wish you the best next week and look forward to hearing about what happens.

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