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I'm pregnant!!

Oct 18, 2011 - 35 comments

I'm actually pregnant ladies!! I'm in shock! I must have called my house from work every hour on the hour! But I am happy that I got the message when I was home.  My beta is 153!! I go back on 10/20.  

Thank you so much ladies for all your prayers and support, I couldn't have gotten through this without you!

Thank you!!

hey guess what???? I'm pregnant!!

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296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Oct 18, 2011
so so so happy!!!

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by hope2b888, Oct 18, 2011
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....what a great news..I am so happy for you........tons of baby dust

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, Oct 18, 2011
Yipeee this is fabulous news!!!

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by echoecho9er, Oct 18, 2011
OMG that's AWWWWWESSSSSSSSOME!!!!!!! I read yesterday about you being scared to test and get the news at work, so congratu-freakin-lations!!!!!!! Enjoy every second of it...YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Oct 18, 2011
Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am beyond happy for you! And with any luck, I will be right behind you! :)

1141709 tn?1329402332
by Pecas282, Oct 18, 2011
I am so happy for you! Yes!!!!!

1748995 tn?1427334864
by JennyB0125, Oct 18, 2011
Congratulations!!!!  I wish you a very healthy & happy pregnancy!!

1695980 tn?1323301134
by angela08041970, Oct 18, 2011
Congratulations!  I am truly happy for you!  You are truly blessed!  

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Oct 18, 2011
Thank you ladies, I'm still in shock.  I am so happy right now.  Finally!

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Oct 18, 2011
congrats. Enjoy it. U deserve it.

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Oct 18, 2011

OMG!! I knew it will happen for u!! God is SO generous and will never deprive any good woman of such a gift..hope u have a H&H pregnancy CONGRATS 1029348937658463 times! I'm SO happy for u!

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by Kricket212, Oct 18, 2011
Yeah,  I am OVER THE MOON for you..... I just knew it would work.  COngrats Girl!!!!!!!

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Oct 18, 2011
Thank you all again!! I'm so happy and excited!!

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, Oct 18, 2011

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by readytogiveup2day, Oct 18, 2011

1726707 tn?1362530938
by Shyladybaby27, Oct 18, 2011
I guess the nurse was right 8 is your lucky number

1399033 tn?1449587779
by cnj76, Oct 18, 2011
Congratulations!!! I know the feeling of this excitement!! WOOHOO!!! lol :))

1293683 tn?1334019210
by tones99, Oct 18, 2011
That is such fantastic news. I am soooo happy for you!!!

1272624 tn?1395434357
by plumber43, Oct 18, 2011
OMG, I'm so happy for you honey!
Love Mel

1340863 tn?1366641084
by sisi2399, Oct 18, 2011
Wow!!! I have happy tears running down my face.  Im so happy for u.  I imagine your face, your reaction, your heart, your feelings, your happiness when u heard the news.  God bless you and your pregnancy.  Im praying for happy and healthy 9 months.  Yay!!!! You are PREGNANT!!!!!!!

1462588 tn?1345061795
by TAGLAS, Oct 18, 2011
Congrats!  That's wonderful I'm so.......... happy for you.

1566213 tn?1331000962
by moni21, Oct 18, 2011
Congratulations on this great news!!!!

631676 tn?1333718203
by usuk, Oct 18, 2011
You go Jersey girl.
Wooooooooooo hoooooooo.
Very happy for your happiness.

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Oct 18, 2011
yes, Shadyladybaby27, I guess the nurse was right lol!

Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments!  I really appreciate you all!

1708784 tn?1356222414
by babbyboo, Oct 18, 2011
congrats xxxxx

952542 tn?1456763561
by Gardezi, Oct 18, 2011
congratulations...have a happy healthy stressfree 9 months..:)

1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, Oct 18, 2011
So happy!  I smile everytime I think about your good news!!!!

1256366 tn?1320333492
by jrbaby21, Oct 18, 2011
Yay so happy for you..Congratulations H&H9Ms

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Oct 18, 2011
YAYY!!! So happy for you!! Congrats!!!! :-)

1277082 tn?1344057820
by missybirt, Oct 18, 2011

1478712 tn?1319487249
by Debra109, Oct 18, 2011
So happy for you my dear!!!

1129232 tn?1360800358
by kris71, Oct 18, 2011
Amazing news!!!! congrats. AFter hearing this and all you've been through for the past 3 years, It gives me hope for my situation and that i can possibly have success after several failures and feeling like a failure and soo ready to give up. Was this a mini ivf? would love to know what you might have done differently this time. Again - congrats!! so happy for you!

1115543 tn?1376380638
by baby2929, Oct 19, 2011
Congratulations :) HH9M to you!!

1366197 tn?1394587311
by JoJo629, Oct 19, 2011
im so thrilled for you!!!!  YAY!!!! Congrats PREGGO!!   =)

1703515 tn?1350500231
by love559, Oct 27, 2011

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