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Still scared my heart is just going to stop :(

Oct 18, 2011 - 1 comments

Today started out OK, but later in the afternoon I just started to feel like my heart was going to stop. It had been going a bit fast earlier, like 105 bpm when I was out shopping. That got me sort of worried, and suddenly I was just feeling like I was about to die. I know this is irrational, that it can't be that easy to die and that hearts rarely stop for no reason, and I am so angry at myself for feeling this. I should be calm and happy and healthy, not paranoid! Why do I feel like this? I am just waiting for my heart to either speed up and short-circuit from beating too fast, or just to seize up and stop. I need to have faith in my health, but it is so hard!!

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by suzy74601, Oct 19, 2011
I have been there before.  Its very hard have you looked into beta blockers?  My doctor gave me them I am not all that impressed but they do help with the Pvc and Pacs.  Your letting your anxiety get the best of you.  Try to relax and try to stay busy.  That will help you.  I am sorry I dont have the magic pill or answer to make it all go away.  Just know your not alone.  

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