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Ok. second IUI is Friday

Oct 20, 2011 - 0 comments

I saw the nurse today for another U/S.. in my opinion, I dont seem to be responding as well to the meds as I did in May. I am only on 150iu of Menopur, and if this cycle is a failure, I will ask doc about increasing dosage for the next IUI. I have four follicles, one 16mm and one 19mm and the other two are only about 9mm. Fri will be day 12 and my IUI will be in the morning. I triggered this evening. The nurse thinks I am ready and I know injections can speed the ovulation date up. I have not gotten any OPK's but I will buy one tomorrow and see what it says. I have no CM strangely and it usually starts in a day or two, but I am feeling very amorous, and I have some ovarian pain so something is going on. I am going to submit this to my Flexible Spending Acct as IUI's can be reimbursable, and I think I fall under the infertility treatment category anyhow.  I will call them tomorrow and see if they need a form filled out by my RE. So, please send baby dust my way! I am trying to be positive about this but with my age (38) and so many failed natural cycles, it's hard to stay positive. Thanks for reading.

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