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Starting To See The Gynae DR!

Oct 06, 2008 - 0 comments

Went this morning to see him for the 1st time i was refered to him by my GP because i've been suffering with VERY BAD period pains for over 9 years now, and i was put on the pill when i was 13 to regulate and reduce the pain but i still got very bad pelvic and leg pains when on my cycle. Sometimes i would pass out because of it which wasn't good. And since i was 15 i started to get a small lump on my right side on my pelvis just after my cycle and my doctor said it was ovarian cysts and she sent me for a internal scan but nothing showed up but i have to live with every end of cycle a painful lump which lasts for a week and then goes =S
My Gynae DR said he thinks i MIGHT have endometiosis but he's trying me on a 6months continual pill trail to see what happens there, im okay with that just scaried on how im going to feel, for 6months of my live im going to think im pregnant when im not =S im only 18 is my body ready for a big change!
I will keep you all posted on how i get on! If anyone has gone through this or is going through this i would be grateful for some feedback!

Peace & Love
Amy x

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