Stupid chest pressure again.....time for another entry....

Oct 20, 2011 - 8 comments



leaning over




Chest Pain

My BP lately had been running very low for me lately these last few months  104/61 HR 103  though somedays it can jump up to 168/115 HR 69.  I've learned to pretty much deal with it and pace myself accordingly.  

Today I've been slightly lightheaded and if I bend down or "lean over mainly" the slightest little bit, it feels like the left hand side of my chest is going to explode!  The heavyness is back again.  I don't know if it's heart related or not???  BP is pretty much perfect today at 126/84 HR 87 so I'm guessing not; but, I'm not sure.

As for sugar I haven't really been checking it lately.  

If any of my old friends read this.....HI.  Sorry I haven't been on lately.  ((((HUGS))))

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by remar, Oct 20, 2011
Check your blood sugar. It's something you have to do. Your BP has been running low for you. The 103 heart rate is high, just a little. Normal is 60 to 100.
Can you get in to see the Dr? It could be nothing but it's best to get things checked out. Not to scare you and I'm not saying it's your heart, but women can have different heart symptoms than men.
Let us know how your doing and please try to see your Dr to find out what's going on. Also, check that blood sugar.
Big hugs to you!   Corena

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by Me967, Oct 20, 2011
Corena, hi sweets.  
I see you finally got your goats.  :-)

I just checked my tester.....I checked my sugar on the 4th of this month and just a little bit ago.  It is ok.  I've had this happen before with the stabbing pains; but, this time they have been a bit intense and are more gripping if that makes any since at all..  I'm going to keep an eye on it.  

I got a new Dr. back in Feb.......I've been avoiding her like the plague.  Can't stand her.  lol  She fresh out of school and thinks she is ruler of the universe.  Hopefully by time I have to see her again....she'll have her jets cooled down some.

My life has been a bit busy lately.  I hope everything is ok with you hun.  ((((HUGS))))  

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by redheadaussie, Oct 20, 2011
Have you got fluid on your lung maybe? That can cause a lot of that kind of pain too.

Get your bottom to that doctor or I shall be forced to come over there and drag you to her myself! Believe me, I am good at dragging......just not so good on the jet lag!

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by Me967, Oct 21, 2011
Redheadaussie hi.

I know my husband keeps saying the same and dreading the worst some days.  I'm not sure if it's heart or muscular though and have been there before with this so many times as you well know.  Not as intense though.  Sigh.  It's eased up some off and on.  Will take the day off tomorrow on helping my Mom tomorrow though and see how it goes.  As of now with all the breathing/ lightheaded spell and pains I would not be no good or safe to her.  Sigh.  I'm not sure which it is so until I figure it out I'm keeping a phone handy so I'll be ok.  In the mean while I could hide well.....with your jet would take you a good day or two to find me.  lol  LOVE YA SWEETS....Just looking for a clue I guess on what it could be?  HUGS.  :-)

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by remar, Oct 21, 2011
I'm so sorry to hear your going though this. It could be fluid on your lungs like Redheadaussie said. Better to have it checked out. Can you see a different Dr? Yeah, you should stay home. I'm sure your Mom will understand.
I've had my goat for 3 years. I did tell you that I was looking for a friend for her but have'nt found one. Actually, one of my husbands friends is thinking of taking her because he wants goats. He will be very good to her, has lots of property and he will find her a friends or friends. We'll see. I might miss her too much!
I'm doing okay. Had some health problems this year but it could have been much worse. Send me a private message if you want. It's been such a long time since we've talked. And I do miss our talks. Cyber talks anyway. Ha ha! Big hugs and feel better, okay. Oh, how is your blood sugar. You said you tested it but did'nt say what your numbers were.  Corena

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by Me967, Oct 25, 2011

As for my new cocky Dr......I'm hoping by time I go back to her again....she will have a few months under her belt and be different attitude wise.  
I never did go to my Mothers.  The pains have became fewer and the lightheadedness is easing up some.  So thats good.  
As for my sugar it's been good.  (between 80-110 basically)  My last HGB A1C was 6.3 in Feb.  I'm guessing it will be about the same or lower on my next bld test.  All in all pretty good.  :-)  The only reason why I was labled as type 2 was because of glucose tolerance test.  After drinking the massively sweet drink (and told not to puke  lol) my sugar after 3 hours was 259.  I always fail those stuped test.  My body just don't like sugar though.  At home it's low because I never eat sugar or have it around.
Anyhow, I finally got a shower and shaved my legs a couple days ago.  It's frustrating sometimes how the slightest things just wipe me out anymore and make me feel faint.  I'm going to be making a appointment and going in for bld work w/in the next few weeks.  Debating on going to a pain specialist first.  

I can't imagine you ever getting rid of her.  lol  I'm really surprised you haven't go another one.  Sorry I'm not on here as much as I used to be.  I know I used to love our chats too hun.  Write me anytime.  (HUGS)

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by remar, Oct 25, 2011
Yeah, maybe your new Dr will settle in and get a better attitude. Hopefully anyway.
I thought A1C was supposed so to below 6? Your numbers do look great, but when you get around 80 or below you can become a little weak.
I'm glad to hear you were felling well enough to shower and shave your legs. Ha ha! That's important to a woman to have their legs smooth.
Seeing a pain specialist sounds like a great idea. I don't have any experience with them but here they can really help. And you really do need to get that blood work done.
Yeah, I think my goat needs to be around other goats. I've thought so much about getting another one but now that winter is close it'll be more work for me. That's when you put them on grain and they have to be fed and watered every day. I had a heart attack back in May and just have'nt been doing well since then. Only one stent, thank goodness! But my Cardio Dr keeps insisting that I be on a statin. Those meds have kicked my butt. The last one I tried had me on the couch for a week hardly able to move because of the pain. So, I have decided no more statins. My numbers are not that bad anyway. That was a month ago and I'm still feeling pretty weak. Even my family Dr said no more statins.  
I understand you not being able to come to MH much lately with the way you've been feeling. I do hope you find out soon what's going on. I'll be thinking of you.   Big hugs. Corena

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by Me967, Oct 25, 2011
O my Gosh Corena.  I hope you are feeling better.  I didn't know.  :-(  I would say a heart attack is more than just "some health problems this year".  Yikes.  I'm glad you are ok now.  Please take care and feel better.  I will try to check in more often..   Send me a personal message anytime.  (HUGS)  Amy

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