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Pounding heart!

Oct 21, 2011 - 3 comments

Wow, I just ate lunch and my heart is POUNDING. Rate is OK but I can feel it thumping in my chest. This cannot be a good sign. I'm scared! :(

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by HamedKhatiz, Oct 21, 2011
Bare with me, I think I might have an idea:

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon and hello. My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a 16 year old student, writer and drummer, would be lawyer, band manager, advice giver, mathematics hater and many more from Sydney Australia. My main message however is about the advice giver part. I have been suffering from symptoms exactly like these for about 1 year. Even though I haven’t been to a doctor about it as yet, they do seem to go away when I reach for my iPod. It is that simple.

Let me elaborate further. The mood you’re in can monumentally affect the rhythm and speed of your heart. Music is a massive contributor to the mood you are in and the speed and intensity with which you go about your everyday life. This is coming from a guy who has well over 600 songs on his laptop. The bottom line is that slow and smooth and sad music helps you relax and relaxation can make a massive difference to the speed and rhythm of your heart.

This only works for me, though; it might not work for you, but give it a whack.

And the reason you are having palpitations like this is because you are stressed. Relax, it is a common condition. I have said about a bajillion times and I am sorry. But the truth is, you are OK! That answer was a Best Answer for someone else and you have to just trust me and the people around to tell the truth about your condition and you have to trust your Bass Kicker (your Heart) to keep on trucking.

If it is too colloquial, again I apologise, but try it.

And also, if you haven't already, find love. The heart is the centre of love and going on dates with people you feel happy around is a sure fire way to reduce stress.

The last bit is a suggestion, but the rest is serious. Relax and see a cardiologist about your condition as well, because, it is not good, I will give you that much.


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by gothic_beauty, Oct 21, 2011
Thanks Hamed! I really appreciate your advice, and I promise I will take it to heart (wow, bad pun right there that totally was not intended!) I think you're absolutely right about my problem. I have seen a cardiologist and had all sorts of heart tests done, and they have all come back normal. I think I know, somewhere deep inside, that what I am suffering from is anxiety rather than some sort of physical ailment. It is just so difficult to bring those subconscious thoughts into my conscious mind to actively calm myself down, and so easy to believe that physical symptoms equal physical problems. I need to find methods of relaxation, and you're right, music is a really good idea. I have never been very musical, so I envy you that ... I listen to the same 50 or so songs over and over again on my iPod, and every once in awhile I will replace a few really old songs with newer ones, but not very often! Maybe I should see what music can do for me. As for going on dates, I don't think that's going to be an option for me ... been single my whole life, and don't seem to be getting any more attractive to the opposite sex :( I'll start with music and go from there. Reading is something that works for me too: when I have my head in a good book I'm not even thinking about my heart, which is the way it should be. I will work on calming down when these awful symptoms occur, rather than freaking out. It is time to take my life back!

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by HamedKhatiz, Oct 22, 2011
That's more like a cool attitude! Yeah, you are not alone, I am single too and probably will be at the age of 23 LOL. Yeah, I have over 600 songs on my laptop, as I said and I only listen to 70 or so of them regularly :) I haven't read a good book lately, maybe I should start on that, come to think of it.

Remember this is a community and you can come to any of us for advice and support any time.


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