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Oct 26, 2011 - 0 comments







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I had cramping yesterday. I am not used to that kind of cramping. The day before it felt like it was randomly on each side. But yesterday was more of a uterine pain. The best way to describe it was it felt like uterine contractions or a stretching crampy type of feeling(maybe even a stiff crampy feel). I know that I can't be pregnant. We haven't had unprotected sex. My CM has been more abundant the past 2-3days then it had been.
My cervix is still high up. It did feel a little firm yesterday?? But today when I checked it felt soft.

I haven't had a positive OPK yet. My MIL left this morning to spend time with my SIL, but she'll be back tomorrow evening. It's a lot easier to test when she isn't here!
I do feel a little crampy today but no where near as bad as I was feeling it yesterday.
I am still having a test line on the OPK. Maybe later it will be positive! lol I have to be optimistic!

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