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9 weeks 3 days

Oct 27, 2011 - 0 comments

9 weeks




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so again been put back on antibotics for the 2nd absess thats come up in my pregnancy,, and once again back to the drs i go its caused thrush again grr. this happened only 2 weeks ago from the last lot antibotics i was taking. atm i cant seem to win.. I am emotionally drained hoping my baby will survive the next 4 weeks and also hoping the pain im getting lets up soon and leaves me alone. the mood swings with the not able to eat and not sleeping is not a nice mixture. any way woke up this morn pain from mouth is gone still senstive and still the lump on gum hopefully the antibotics will continue to do there job properly :) the heartburn is driving me nuts makes me want to vomit... midwife has said not to use quickes etc as they draw the iron from your body

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