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Oct 26, 2011 - 5 comments

My HSG I just had showed my left tube blocked with fluid and dilated, my right tube is blocked the same right where the tube and ovary join. My doc has told me she recommends removing both tubes and undergoing IVF. I'm really nervous, and scared. I meet with her on 11/03 to go over everything and answer my questions. She told me to go home and think about it all. And really all I can do is think.....  I can get a loan for the IVF procedure, it's a lot of money... I know it's worth it IF it works, and I'm so scared to do all this and get thousands of dollars on a loan for it not to work. IF it works there would  be no amount of money that wouldn't be worth having my baby.. But how do you say , " okay take my tubes out"..  

I'm not a religious person, but at this moment GOD please help me!!

I'm going to tell her I want to do it.. remove the tubes ... and do nothing but hope and pray this will work for me.
I have very little knowledge on IVF and the chances of it working, here comes the horrid GOOGLE searches.

Good Luck to everyone still trying.. Whit

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1473300 tn?1397588529
by renny320, Oct 26, 2011
I'm sorry to hear about your tubes being blocked. I just had my left tube removed at the beginning of this month because of an ectopic pregnancy. I will be moving on to IVF early in 2012. Trust me, if you google what your odds are all the different info you find will just drive you crazy. When you meet with the doctor she should be able to give you much better information based on everything she knows about you.  I think your odds for successful IVF are much higher because you are so young.  Good luck. I am praying that the IVF works for you.

560091 tn?1437051032
by Wits777, Oct 28, 2011
Yes the Google search has already produced gray hair on my head lol. I talk to my doctor next week and I'm going to have a LONG list of questions, doubt they're will be answers for them all but can't hurt asking.
Thanks for your response! Don't know anyone that will be going through IVF.

291233 tn?1347297526
by sbumblebeeo, Oct 28, 2011
Of course it's going to work.  There isn't a single person I know that deserves it more.  You've been through too much.  God will help you.  XOXXO

4548024 tn?1590005019
by renae176, Dec 23, 2012
how did u get a loan for IVF if u dont mind me asking

560091 tn?1437051032
by Wits777, Dec 26, 2012
The facility you would go through for IVF should be able to set you up with a Loan agency that only deals with people dealing with IVF. I never went through the process.. My tubes would both need removed and I don't want that to happen..
so we went the adoption route :)

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