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30 weeks and excess levels of amniotic fluid?

Oct 26, 2011 - 4 comments

30 weeks


amniotic fluid




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SIL is a OB "don't know if its a positive thing or a negative thing right now".
so today at the weekly family gathering she looked at me and said..
has ur Dr mentioned anything about excess amounts of amniotic fluid? I asked y? she said "the shape and looks of ur bump look suspicious. I think u do have more than u need to..but it doesn't matter usually its nothing."

I don't know what to make up of that. my Dr is on holiday till the 13th of nov and I'm already freaking out. how can a person just drop such a comment on some1 and not b considerate enuf to explain or talk more about it! I didn't ask cuz she didn't seem to want to talk more..dunno what to do now.

any of u know anything about it? I'm quite "petite" thought that justified my big bump but after doing some research on "Polyhydramnios" looks like it only shows on week 30 which is how far I am. My Dr thought everything was fine up until 28 weeks which was when I saw him last. Do u Ladies think i should ring him and ask about it? or am I just too paranoid and shouldn't believe everything any1 says to me?
ur comments r highly appreciated ..thanks!

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by Ashelen, Oct 26, 2011
I had a little extra fluid with both of my previous pregnancies...and yes, polyhydramnios carries risks but most women with extra fluid don't have THAT much extra...they will monitor the fluid levels in your pregnancy, and if you're concerned you can mention it at your next appointment.

Your SIL is of course right..usually it IS nothing. My MIL is an OB nurse and has been for 25 years so I totally understand where you're coming's a blessing to have her there when I need advice, but sometimes it comes unsolicited (which it did when she mentioned my extra fluid levels with my last pregnancy as well!) and can be stressful.

Try not to this point even polyhydramnios isn't a major risk, and if you mention it and they DO think you have too much fluid, they can monitor and care for you appropriately...but you probably just have "extra" like I did. Trust me my belly was HUGE and round and both of my babies were under 8lbs - i also produce record-sized placentas, which may be the case with you too.

Just to let you of the MedHelp Pregnancy Commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Google!" or you will terrify yourself....take a deep breath, and speak to your OB when you next see him/her.

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by princessren88, Oct 26, 2011
I'd call just to ease your anxiety it's probably best to not ignore your SIL suspicions just to be safe. I have read about extra fluids could mean baby is not drinking and peeing enough which could be due to the kidneys not working properly but that's only one thing I'm sure if you do have extra fluid it could beany other things like I said it's only something I have read in my baby book... I'd contact a doctor though just to ease your worries. Hopefully it's nothing.

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by haz1104, Oct 27, 2011

Thanks Ladies for ur comments...

Ashelen, U don't know how relieved I am now that uv clarified things to me. Google did manage to terrify me and turn me into an obsessive freak.
people have been commenting on my big bump since I was 4 months pregnant and I remember asking my Dr at 24 weeks if everything was OK. He confirmed that my fundal hight was actually 24cm which I think wouldn't b so if I had excess fluid right? plz correct me if I'm wrong..I totally missed the fact that the placenta cud b of any size and this too can affect my shape since I'm already small.
will definitely mention this in my next appointment as I think I'v already disturbed my Dr enuf for the past two weeks given my accident and the scare I had the week before. hope all turns out well for all of us pregos I'm already TOO exhausted emotionally and hope no1 goes thru what I'v been thru.


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by angelbabies, Oct 27, 2011
i had a lots of excess fluid with my Lilly, i never caused a problem just when my waters broke it was a huge gush and when Lilly was born she almost went flying off the bed coz all the water gushed out! call ur dr to put ur mind at ease but im sure ur be fine :)n xx

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