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Oct 27, 2011 - 0 comments

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3 opk tests yesterday. The one from 11am the test line was obvious but negative. The others at 4pm and 10:30 were negative. With the 10:30pm one you could barely see the test line (like, not there line). Hubby and I went ahead and BD anyway. It was our first time actually trying.
I have had watery cm for at least the past 4 days and honestly I can't tell the difference between it being that and ewcm. My cervix is still high up and when I felt it at 10:30pm it was still soft.

We want a boy. I figured if I was going to ovulate that it would be in the next 3 days? It's just hard working it around my MIL. It just seems weird to BD while she's here! She is coming back later today.
I guess there's still hope! =)

Oh yeah. I forgot to add that when I got up my temp was 98.1 the first 2 tries while I was laying down. But after being up for a minute or 2 it was 98.3 then 98.2. I guess it's good that it has taken a tiny dip? Usually it's about 98.4-98.6. I don't know. We'll see!

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