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a little worried

Oct 07, 2008 - 1 comments

well im 10 weeks this week, and all of my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared apart from a major outbreak on my face! so im alittle worried this week, i know usually around 12 weeks tho symptoms can ease off but still worrying all the same. ive had two healthy pregnancies before,so no real reason to be worried but i will hopefully feel better once ive seen the midwife next week, fingers crossed. and as this is my 3rd i would of thought i would be showing by now! pregnancy is fantastic and exciting but also so worrying.

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by mummyof3tobe, Oct 07, 2008
Hi i am also on my third child, i am only 7 weeks but i had symptoms for the first couple of weeks and they have now stopped(about a week or so ago)  i feel great, i had my ultrsound today and everything was fine, seen baby(fetal pole) and heart beat and slight movement,
all will be fine hunni, don't worry yourself not good for you both xxx

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