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Diabetes Counseling Appointment

Oct 26, 2011 - 0 comments

Today I had my first follow-up for my diabetes counseling at the specialist's office. The counselor looked over what I have been eating and right away determined that I was definitely not eating enough. Even though she's laid out a meal plan for me, I have been finding it a little difficult to eat it all! I told her that I would promise to do better and by next week, when I see her again, she'll see a marked improvement. She's good with what I am eating, just not the amount.

She couldn't comment on my blood sugar because in the course of this past week, I ran out of test strips. Since both of my doctors want me to check about 5 times a day, that requires a bunch more strips. The insurance company would not approve the large amount, even after they were told that I am pregnant! So frustrating.

They did finally approve the quantity so I will start recording my sugars again either tomorrow or the next day.

Next appointment is scheduled for November 2nd for both doctors. At the regular OB, he will do an exam and we'll get to hear the heartbeat! Excited for this. At the specialist, we're supposed to have our First Trimester Screening... still not sure if we want to do this or not. I think we will just so that we can get another picture of our sweet, little baby!

One more funny thing.... specialist wants me to submit 24 hours worth of urine. I had to go to the OB's office to get the "specimen container". This thing is HUGE and BRIGHT ORANGE! I am supposed to collect my urine for 24 hours, keep the sample refrigerated and then, take it to them once the 24 hours is up. It's awesome....NOT! Had to tell Grant not to mess with it. He got pretty grossed out.

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