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Oct 29, 2011 - 0 comments

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I took a opk test 7:30a. It was negative with what appeared to be no test line. Like I said it seemed to have faded out.

I had some tugging type of pain within the past hour. I do not have ewcm anymore. I didn't have any yesterday either. I still had it wednesday, but but it didn't seem like it had on tuesday. Hubby and I BD on wednesday night. Thursday and Friday didn't have any ewcm.
When I felt my cervix this morning: It was still high and soft and the opening didn't feel as soft as it has been and I want to say it felt more closed but it's hard to tell since I've been through 3 births.
I have been trying to note down everything so I could go back and read it if I forget something. I think I am going to stop using OPK and just wait.
I would assume that if I am getting AF it would be about 14 days after ovulation? If I go by Oct. 25 (when I had the worse cramps) I think that would be November 8th. So I should get it Nov 8 or before then.

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