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Week Ending 7  ~  Going out with a Fire !  Literally !

Oct 31, 2011 - 0 comments






Ending week 7 , right here right now !  Yeah !    Firreah, all the way,  one minute Ive got it under control and the next its on the loose again.  No pun intended.     So tomorrow starts week 8,   I cannot imagine what is going to come and bite me next, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my blood is tanking out.    Starting to feel a little weaker everyday and I keep telling myself, this is mind over matter and just drink another cup of coffee.  LOL !  Right and there is the wall that smacks ya right in the kisser.    So I will have another week to wait after this to get my labs drawn and see what the skinny is.   With all Hope and prayer , God will keep me up on my feet a going !   The support I have around the house stinks... No compassion out of my son and husband, they are all too into what they have to get done because I am not doing it.     Ofcourse Josh is still on crutches and cant do squat, but my husband just doesnt get it.  Oh he thinks he does, but probably shouldnt go there.    
I need to be thankful I am not sitting in the house alone , and I do have two loving people here in there own little worlds.  Right now the only thing that is important is that I get through this, Gonna beat this rotten horrible disease.   Consider it done !  Amen  

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