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Numbness/Tingling down there - in 2ww

Oct 30, 2011 - 1 comments






This is going to sound strange but has anyone ever had a weird tingling sensation on the outside of their genitals? It has occured off and on all day.
It's like a pins and needls sensation that lasts about a minute. Almost like getting a chill, like goosebumpy. I am trying my best to describe it.

I may just have a pinched nerve. I think friday night or saturday morning I had an achey feeling around my left knee and a little bit on my left leg. It didn't last long and I chalked it up to the weather, because it had rained so it was wet out.

I thought maybe it could be due to increased bloodflow? wishful thinking.
I really don't know how many days past O I am. We tried on tuesday so that would make me 5dpo. We also BD on saturday. The other times before that we used protection. I don't know.
I thought I would of gotten AF by now since I had Mirena removed Sept 23. I have had a + hpt 10 days after ttc #2. I know that sounds unreal but it happened. The doctors office, their test came up - but I knew I was. I even took more than one to be sure. After a few weeks I went back and it finally came up +(I think they have weak tests so they can charge you an arm and leg for it - lol).

Anyway, these sensations feel very weird.

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by erinraye517, Nov 01, 2012
My guess would be either a pinched nerve or maybe you were sitting weird and it "fell asleep".  I've felt that before if i had some fabric pinching the skin, but I haven't heard of it being a symptom of pregnancy.  You never know though!  It could also be hormonal changes if you just got your Mirena taken out.  

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