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Life Post-Incivek

Oct 31, 2011 - 8 comments


I am now 3 weeks post-incivek and wow what a difference.  Although I am still anemic (waiting for procrit to kick in), I feel so much more like my old self.  The itching is all but gone and all anal issues are gone.  I love being able to sleep more than 8 hours straight and not force-feeding myself.  I have experienced a more pronounced metallic taste in my mouth.  This definitely makes drinking and eating more difficult and I have lost a little over 5 pounds.  Personally I am delighted in the weight loss, but I know I still have to drink.  I have started taking an anti-anxiety pill at bedtime and this helps me sleep.  I think if I could just get the hgb level up, I would feel like I could run a marathon.  Other than this, I am so very happy to report that life has gotten better!!!!

For those of you still duking it out with the incivek-demon, hang in there.  I swear the closer you are to the end the harder it is.  But keep your eye on the prize.  You can do it!!  

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by his3707, Oct 31, 2011
Great to hear your doing good!  Yes, big difference when inciveck is finished.  I am also on procrit and will be most likely for the rest of treatment.  I am at week 25.  I havnt had the metallic taste but have more problems drinking enough because i dont feel as bad physically.   I have also lost some weight.  Now, to keep it off.. :)   Hope you stay feeling well!

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by Dee1956, Nov 01, 2011
Hello, I am so happy to hear that life does get better after Incivek.  I have close to 4 weeks to go
It is so odd, some days I wake and feel almost normal. Other days I wake with fevers and aches and pains and just feel horrible.  My mantra, when I can remember it, is it is the medicine, tomorrow will be better
Funny all the things that used to bug me about my husband are now gifts from God.  He moves slow, doesn't care about how messy the house is, all he cares about it taking care of me.  I guess I can clean when I am well.  It sure isn't going to happen today.  I always thought that no matter how tired I was I could force myself to get up and do something.  I knew nothing about being anemic so now I do I went from 14.8 to 10 then up toe 10.7
I assume I am getting no rescue drug as that has a side effect as well so they don't want to give if they don't have to.  I really don't know
Thank you for sharing

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by scoleman, Nov 01, 2011
I have 3 more days left on Incivek and your post was a light for me today.  It was one of those nights last night when I didn't sleep much and I've had a headache for the last 24 hours.  

Thanks for the hope, Sherry

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by wtbleep, Nov 01, 2011
It is nice to have one less med to worry about. Mentally I feel like I am getting somewhere with this long drawn out treatment.  I am so glad to hear you are feeling like yourself again.  Once you cut out just one med you notice the difference within days but it's still a struggle with the other two.  Just a little while longer and we will be hepC free and our bodies can heal themselves and flush out the meds.


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by maxandchris, Nov 26, 2011
I am a stage 1-2, vl=1.5m, starting triple therapy next week.  I read that most people have caregivers but I have none.  I have also read that some continue working during therapy, hard core?  I am stuck in a motel 6 for the first month, alone.  there is a supermarket across the street and I have a microwave and fridge to keep my pegasys chilled.  I have to travel 3 hours to see my doctor once a week, and back.  After a month, if there are nocomplications, I can go home to my family in Colombia.  Am I being realistic?  Do folks think this is possible?  Many thanks ny comments appreciated.

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by 08flstsb, Nov 27, 2011
Hi maxandchris
Yes, it is possible and you will see results. You just need to believe, adjust and work the meds.
I was diagnosed 12/08 with genotype 1a stage 3 fibrosis with viral count 2,694,920 IU/ml.
This is my third series of treatments, since I was diagnosed.
My baseline at start of 1st treatment IFN/Ribivarin (12 weeks) last year was 4,590,000 IU/ml. &
I plateued at 388,000 IU/ml.  
I was involved in CTS1027/IFN/Ribivarin tri-med treatment clinical trials (20 weeks) before
program was halted the 1st of September this year. My baseline at start was 15,694,920 IU/ml.
and ended at 408,000 IU/ml.
Currently, I am in my 10th week of Incivek/IFN/Ribivarin tri-med treatments.
I am diabetic. As far as my side effects with this Incivek tri-med therapy, I had a hard time with blood
pressure med interaction, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, heat sensitivity in shower, low
grade fever (never over 101), flu-like symptoms, dizziness, bad taste in mouth, hair loss, and a
tremendous amount of irritibility and anxiety. I have not had rectal problems. Baseline
September 19th was 1,788,710 IU/ml. At 6th week none detected.
Looks like my wife & my X-Mas present this year is the end of the Incivek on 12/14. In my case,
the IFN/Ribavirin treatments will continue for another 36 weeks.

I just want you to know that ya'll can make it.

1856046 tn?1330240845
by BigDaddy_59, Dec 09, 2011
Nice, uplifting post Ann. Gives us all hope that there is an end when we are in it.

Twelve weeks doesn't sound too long until you are in the middle of it!



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by saturnace, Dec 15, 2012
Hang in there it will be all worth it. I am 5 months post treatment from incivek RIBA interferon for type 1a hep c. I have been negative since week 2 i believe and next month i will be tested for post 6 month test. It was one of the hardest  things I ever had to endure. Was going to quit almost every week, but hung in and hung in. It was truly an endurance test. Had a couple transfusions along the way. And the last couple months nupergen shots 3 x week.  Really felt horrible and felt like I could not go another week because I thought I was going to die from this treatment. But  I also figured if it hasn't killed me yet I might as well keep going. Plus the realization that after seeing my childhood friend die from hep c last year that I was next and that kept me on treatment . For what was the alternative?  I had all of the side affects fatigue, shortness of breath consistently , fevers, depression and the worst rash known to mankind. Extremely low WBC and rbc . Now 5 months post treatment I am feeling so much better and eating well. I used to not be able to eat certain foods like spaghetti and sauce , spicy foods, ice cream, gravy sauce etc. but now I can practically eat what ever I want. Now that is freedom. And hopefully my 6 month post test will also be negative and I can than say I am cured. Now that would truly be a blessing. It took a couple months post treatment to start feeling better. So when u are finished with treatment don't be discouraged when you still feel bad this will lift and you will feel so much better. Just keep up with your blood test. Put a lot of skin cream on if you get a rash and eat fat in some form with your meds and endure, endure and realize you will not die from this treatment. That you can get through it. It will be all worth it when you are done. Good luck and endure!!!

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