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So Stupid.. Soo Depressed

Nov 01, 2011 - 1 comments








Depression got the better of me, I could not get out of my sadness and it ended in me taking me 50mg of trams.. SO STUPID......


Ok gotta keep positive and start again tomorrow as it's another day.... I'll restart getting clean tomorrow Now :(

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by atthebeach, Nov 01, 2011
hey melbourne,
the depression is a very normal part of the detox process. taking more pills will just prolong the withdrawal process. your natural brain chemistry stopped producing when you were taking the trams. the trams were supplying your brain with the endrophins,serotonins,dopamines that your body needs to feel good,happy,produce sleep,stop anxiety.
your brain chemistry has to begin to produce again on its own. this takes time. please,please be patient.
exercise,exercise, exercise this helps. are you taking any supplements? did you read up on the health pages? they are on the main forum on the bottom of the page. there is an amino acid protocol this also helps.
have you started any therapy or support groups?
you can do this. your body,mind,soul,emotions and spirit need time to heal. it does heal.
you are moving in the right direction. do not take any more pills. flush any that you have and dont get anymore. you will get better. please believe me. you have to continue to fight the good fight. keep on keepin on, keep on truckin. i am so proud of you. please be happy you are getting clean. i know it seems as if you will never be the same again, but you will. think positive, tell yourself i can do this. i will do this. i am going to make it. i will be clean and sober. my body will heal. my mind will heal.
sending hope,encouragement,strength,hugs

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