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31 week preg with twins doc appt update

Nov 01, 2011 - 9 comments

well i was so happy to have made it to 31 weeks and feeling pretty good.....until today

i woke up around 430 am to pee like usual and noticed that my stomach was a strong hurt but it was a pain i could feel....i tried to lay back down and get some sleep because i already had a doc appt so i figured no point in going to the hosp

i couldnt go back to my doc appt things seemed to be going well until i told them about my pain this morning and my overall yucky feeling today.....the doc left to talk to another doc and they decided to check my, my cervix is now 2cm and 50% effaced....ugh

again doc leaves to go talk to another doc and now they decide to do a nst....i get hooked up to nst and sure enough CONTRACTIONS!!!! ugh

so once again doc talks to another doc and they decide to admit me for preterm labor waiting for my hub to get home and then off to the hospital to try and stop contractions and monitor again....i have no clue how long ill be there....i hope its not long and these boys cooperate for another 3 weeks

we didnt schedule a c-section today....what was decided (before the cervix check) was that my u/s next week would determine if we do amnio at 35 weeks or schedule c-section for 37 weeks....well, after cervix change and contractions doc said they prob wont schedule because im on a week by week basis....babies could come today, tomorrow, next week, but reality is they will be here in the next few weeks most likely

what a day

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889551 tn?1416184483
by NicoleW09, Nov 01, 2011
I'm really sorry that you're having these preterm labor issues. :(

I'm praying that they stay put for another few weeks. I remember how nerve wracking it was for you when Emilee was so early.Hopefully they can stop the contractions and just send you home, and I hope you at least make it to 35 weeks. Keep us updated and we'll be praying for you!

1169162 tn?1331232353
by nola0805, Nov 01, 2011
I know how stressed you must be, and I am sorry that you are going through this.  I hope that Nik and Zak can stay inside as long a possible, but also remember how well Emi did and is doing - I am sure these boys are just as strong.  take care.

1499174 tn?1327231194
by mumsy1977, Nov 02, 2011
keep your chin up hunny the boys have done really well to get to 31 weeks anything from this is an absaloute bonus you're in good hands just try and relax and take it day by day and fingers crossed you will make the milestone and the boys will behave them selves for another few weeks xx

615752 tn?1361867986
by zazou, Nov 02, 2011
I hope the boys still stay put for a few more weeks. Stick to bed rest, try to relax and think positively, makes a big difference! take care

317019 tn?1532965586
by waitn838, Nov 02, 2011
my water broke with Em at 31.5 weeks and she was delivered at 32.1 not quite that far so im still a little freaked out

im home again and on bedrest (not sure how much more bedrest i can get)....there isnt much they can do for me at the almost 3cm now and still 50% water has not broken so that is the one thing that keeps me at home

as the doc said yesterday.....once my water breaks its game over and we will deliver

honestly im thinking in the next 2 weeks i will be meeting these guys....i just really want to avoid another nicu stay (if possible)

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Nov 02, 2011

such a roller coaster..will b praying for u and hoping boys will stay put till at east 2 − 4 weeks...just try not to stress out and take it slow.

Good luck!

967320 tn?1333199708
by JennaRie, Nov 02, 2011
are you on any kind of medication to stop labor, like procardia?

317019 tn?1532965586
by waitn838, Nov 03, 2011
they wont give me meds at home because i dilate with little contractions....they said they rather me come in and be monitored because im so close to delivery

i wish they would have gave me meds but my high risk ob said if any contractions return ill be in the hospital for prolonged monitoring and possibly through delivery

i should find out more next week when i get my next u/s

1366197 tn?1394587311
by JoJo629, Nov 03, 2011
Stay in there babies!

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