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Nov 01, 2011 - 4 comments

I've been experiencing some nauseousness, any one have any advice?  I usually get it around 10 am in the morning, after lunch and then right about now.  I haven't been throwing up thank God, just feel awful.  

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by globetrot, Nov 01, 2011
I would carry a little variety of things that helped me- saltine crackers, graham crackers- a mix of sweet and salty since I did not know what would sound best to me.  Do not let your stomach get empty.

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by journey2motherhood, Nov 01, 2011
Ok thank you.  I'll try that.

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by haz1104, Nov 01, 2011
personally nothing helped with the nausea other than leaving home! LOL I got nauseous every time I arrived at the building! lool..saltine crackers didn't help nor did the medication. I suggest u find out what the triggers r and avoid them...Good luck!

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by carolyn865, Nov 01, 2011
oh....what I would do to feel nausea!!  ;)  
I would stick with the old standby = saltines.
I'm so happy things are progressing.  When do we confirm that all this nausea is from twins!?  

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