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#2 -- Weight Loss

Jan 26, 2008 - 3 comments

#2 - - Weight Loss
Well, the doctor told me that one side effect from the phentermine pills was insomnia...and I had that last night.  It tends to be hard for me to fall asleep anyways, but last night I was up until about 3:00.  The more I thought about it, the less tired I got.  Blah!  But hey...I'm really not all that tired today so I guess it balances itself out.
Anyways, I went to my mom's today and weighed myself.  It said approximately 158 lbs.  However, I don't know exactly how accurate her scales are and I can't afford to go buy myself a new set right now.  So, I'll just have to estimate.  The good news is though that I think I've lost a couple pounds...I feel a bit slimmer.  And plus, I like to imagine that I'm below the sixties mark for the first time in a good year.  My next doctor's appointment with the weight loss clinic isn't for a hopefully I'll find a way to be more technical and exact until then.  Until next time!!

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by scubabelle, Jul 29, 2008
I am going on my 4th month on the b12/b6 shots plus the Phentermine pill.  I was very scared to start this because I was unsure of the side effects and being equilivant to Speed,  I wasn''t sure if I would become addicted to the pills.

When I first started working out and exercising in Febuary 2007,  I was over 280 pounds.   Even being 5'10", I was very overweight and extremely unhealthy.  I did start going to the gym, eating better and really started to take care of myself.  I was doing well with changing my habits until December 07 where I hit a brick wall at 239.  Regardless of what I did, ate, sweat or what have you, I could not get down below that number.  Want to talk about being discouraged.  Boy was I ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girlfriend was telling me about going to the Dr. for her weight loss.  She was happy with her success by losing 15 pounds already.  I was excited for her and I was now very curious, but I still had some major concerns.    I talked to my pharmacist, who happens to be one of my closest friends, he advised me of the cautions, but he also was very encouraging that it would be a great way to jump my weight loss again.  
So I went to the Dr., he weighed me in (236).  Instead of telling me all of the stuff that I knew, he was very encouraging.  He did was very detailed about the side effects,  Insomnia, dry mouth (so I drink more water- big deal) and when I would work out, I would sweat like a dog. Trust me not a pretty sight.   He said expect to lose 7 pounds the first month.  Well I took my shot, took my pill, followed a healthier diet than what I was on before, drank more water, and cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out of my diet, and exercised 5 days a week. When I went back after the first month, I lost 16 pounds.  I was so excited; I could have kissed my Dr.  Thinking that the first month was going to be all water weight, I wasn't expecting much the following month.  The second month, I lost 8, and today after the 3rd weighing, I lost another 6 pounds.  30 pounds in 90 days.  
The B12 shot and the 35mg Phentermine are great tools to help you in losing weight, but it isn't enough.  The exercise is needed. You will burn even more calories with Cardio.  My Dr. also strongly suggested weight lifting.  The more muscle you have- the more fat you will burn.  
I am going to take the Phentermine for one more month.  I want to see 199#!!!!!  I have 6 more pounds.  After that, I will continue to take the B12 shots.  To everyone who is trying this Best of Luck!!!!!

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by creativeboyce, Aug 25, 2008
So, you're saying when your diet changed it helped the weight to move?  What was really different between your first and second diet?  

I'm doing b12 and my friend seems to have lost a lot more than me, but she is also depressed.  I dont want to be depressed, but I want the weight to move quicker.  I'm willing to work out more, but I would like an overveiw of the diet that worked for yu.  thanks!!

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by scubabelle, May 02, 2009
Boyce- Sorry I took so long to repsond. To answer your questions: What made the difference-it was a change.  I found out the main reason why I hit my initial brick wall was that my body was now adjusted to what I was doing.  I was doing a lot of cardio such as walking and the elipitical but didn't do any strength training.  I wasn't building my body to burn calories. I will admit that I was getting discouraged and did start slacking off on some of the exercising.
What the pills did for myself it gave me that extra energy and kick to get me up and going and getting into the habbit of that need of working out.  I hired a trainer and for the first time in my life I worked out with weights, increased by cardio to include long distrance biking (50 miles +) and yoga and flexibility training. I work out now 5- days a week from 1 -2 hours and I rarely will do the same routine two days in a row. The gym I work out with, does a body montering where they will measure the body and body fat and muscle %.

I didn't change my eating habbits too extreme- I will still eat what I want but overall my food consumption is down about 50% of what I was eating before I started to change my life.  I do eat a lot of fruits and veggies, Avoid High Frutoce Corn Syrup at all cost, and eating a lot more whole grain foods.  The only thing that I can't do without is my coffee- but that is down from a 6 cups a day down to 2-3 (depending on the time of month).  

I acutally continued to take the Phentermine for another 3 months after this posting.  I took another full 30 days of the 37.5mg strength then down to the 15 mg the following month daily then every other day the final month.  It kept me from going through the typical crash.  I do continue to take the shot- but it is on a biweekly basis.  

Did I ever get depressed:  I am not sure if I would call it being depressed but I did feel that my PMS symstoms have been more severe than before.  

Bottomline is how did I do?  I am at 172, my goal was to have my bmi below 25%.  I went from a size 18-20 down to a 8-10.  I went from a 42" waist and 50" hips down to a 29" and 38".

It's not easy - I do work hard at this. These pills are a great jumpstart but if you believe that this is all you will need- you will be in for a rude awakening. You have to change habbits and truly commit to a change.

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