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11.01.11 : attending cog classes at RUVO

Nov 02, 2011 - 0 comments

i now am attending cog/mem classes put on by MS society local and RUVO center. i like it and the friends there i see. though sitting that long and stuff i start to wane in about an hour or two. my hearing/audio disconnect is a real problem i see. always knew it was there but able to "fake" it until a few years ago.

fatigue issues come and go still. like a pass out dead zone i call it. at least my new PCP at VA has ordered tests to see what the issue is there. due to my neck issues that may be causing this. probably wont show anything. but it beats the VA's old statements of "we don't see anything", "your just getting older", or just flat ignore it.

people at the RUVO center are like on another planet compared to the VA with regards to "health care".

i guess we know why Congress doesn't go to the VA for health care nor to most VA employee's.

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