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It's been a while

Oct 07, 2008 - 0 comments

So I haven't been on here except to check on everyone's progress for a while. I gues you get to that point in ur pregnancy where things plateau. I have been gaining a decent amount of weight, eating good most of the time, taking my vitamins, all that stuff.
I have been on bed rest most of the pregnancy so it seems to be going by in super slow mo, but I can't complain.
Since the cerclage things have been great. Mister man is ALWAYS moving. Probably since I am not moving him around so much. I get to have an u/s every two weeks and the do very detailed measurements once a month. This gives me something to look forward to atleast. I get my stith out at 36 weeks which is the first week of Jan and the Dr's think I will have him right around that same time.
My shower is going to be on Nov 1st to avoid the holidays. I hope it turns out good. No telling with the economy the way it is...!!!
Well thats about it for me... Another day another pound gained!!

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