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Seems to be another anxiety bout at least I hope

Nov 02, 2011 - 0 comments




Well I over did it doing the garden by myself. I seem to think at times that I still have the energy I used to before kids. And when I felt the first sign that said, stop finish it later, I ignored them and kept at it. Two days in a row, bent down picking up grass pieces racking them away, picking them to the tractor's trailor. Going to get the dirt because for some reason my husband just didn't feel like it, not like I was asking the moon on a Saturday morning. Anyway... When I finished with the help of our 5 year old! I went for a bath and a nap. When I got up, I should have stayed in bed but I have two young kids that wanted mommy and it was time to fix dinner. At least, he did that and I was pretty much sedentary for the whole evening. I finally decided to go to bed at 8 or was it 9. I was in there thinking of the great veggies we'd have in there next summer. Then my heart started racing and it hurt. It was like I could feel my heart beating and hitting the front and back of my chest. So I'm like ok, I really over did it now and this is getting me really scared. I too an aspirin as I normally do when I'd get strong palps in the past go to my husband and explain I over did it today and now my heart is beating like crazy and it's making me all worked up. We hugged as this helps. I went back upstairs and was still feeling anxious so I called my parents who calmed me down and I was able to go to sleep finally. I decided the next morning to only do what I needed to do and not more because I could feel that I was still tired. I felt more tired than usual for a good two weeks. During that time I did see a practionner nurse who was a bit alarmed at my symptoms of pressure point, tiredness and all but when she looked in my folder said ok you got most tests but I don't like this, it's not a normal way to feel. This stuck with me.

She prescribed me a sinus spray to treat a lingering sinus problem that have since this spring. The spray made the congestion worst and gave me shortness of breath so I stopped it on a monday. ON the Thursday I was better so I decided to try Zumba. I could do all or most of the moves but together OMG I was pooped! Did a little visit to my friend who drove me there. Got home about 30 mins later. Took a shower and sat on the couch, I didn't want to watch hockey so I started to paint. I got so much into the details that I didn't see the time then it hit me I"m tired. I look up at the clock to see it's 10:30! Got in bed pronto! But woke up with a Migraine! Advil took care of that but felt soooo tired. Saturday we had a wedding I was excited had gotten a new dress and made my own jewelery to wear. I spent all morning straightening my hair and figuring out the style. Then our daughter and cut hubby and our son's hair. ON our way over my husband was driving and I felt faint all of a sudden like I needed a rest. Probably all that go go go this morning is catching up to me and now I'm getting anxiety caused by being over tired. I also got a lightning chest pain and mostly a huge pressure point in the middle of my back between the shoulder blades. I was feeling odd for a bit but by the time we got there I was fine.

The next day, we did our usual house cleaning. We wanted to go hicking  in the Gatineau park because it was the last day that it was open and the colors are so beautiful. We try to make this a yearly thing but by the time we were ready to go it was too late to go ther because my husband needed to leave home with our only car at 4 for his curling (which I had forgotten he's just started) so we decided to go in a forest park near by home. We decided to do the longest one, about 30 minutes. We were about 20 minutes in and my right cheek got numb. I always say my symptomes out loud in the hope that if something happens someone may be able to remember how I felt before to help figure out what happens. The pressure point in my back got stronger. Then I felt scared because we are in the middle of the forest, no cars can access us to help if something happens. These thoughts got me thinking more and more scarry thoughts an got the symptomes more pronounced. I told my husband that I was feeling weird, I just got a nod as an it's just anxiety dear look.

When we got home I drove to my mom 5 mins away and talked to her about how I was feeling. They said I over did it again and should rest. That week I went to bed the latest 9 all the nights I could and didn't have other engagements. This week I pretty much went back to the usual bed time but still trying to not over do it.

My husband cut a tree on last Sat, I helped cut the smaller branches off the big ones and pilled them. I took a break and went away after about an hour and a half of work. We did care for a 6 month old but he was pretty easy going, just woke up ealy in the morning. The next day we did our usual and I did a few more branches The neighbor came to talk, I guess that counts as a break. We did a few more then I could feel it was it and I should stop. I was proud to have finally listen to my body. But apparently not early enough, I[m pretty sure I pulled a nerve because my left arm feels numb from about 3 inches above the elbow to the fingers and mostly on the underside of it. Some movements will get the whole arm numb and I feel a pinch in my left shoulder blade and toward the front. My husband found the location yesterday. I asked him to push on it to see if that would help but it only made my arm and whole shoulder to go numb during the night and scared me.

Just now, I was reading a story to our daughter before nap and my chest got all numb for a second then my cheeks went numb. I'm scared this might me more then just tiredness and anxiety. I need to work for us to survive but I need to be healthy and alive to do so. I guess I'll have to see what she says tonight when I see the nurse practionner. I really hope this is a nerve pinch, sinus problem or asma. something easily treatable that will get me back on my feet and feeling normal. As normal as I can feel with anxiety.

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