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Nov 04, 2011 - 0 comments

I hate school...everyone thinks I am just SO weird! They all know that I cant stop swallowing, even the teachers. I feel like I am a stanger on this planet! Some kids even tease me right in front of my face. At lunch time, my swallowing food is SO lound, and people look at me really funny. Iam always tapping on the desk when I swallow, people ask my "Why are you always so loud tapping on the desk and shuffling papers and setting things down" It is because whenever I do that, I swallow. I dont eat much, because I am embarresed. I haven't drinken anything in a long time...I dont want people to hear my when I swallow, I am having a sleep over with tons of girls soon, and at night i cant sleep because I am always swallowing...and loud to! I really want to be home schooled now, because of this! I wish it would just stop! I am always think when Im swallowing...why cant I just swallow normal like everybody else! I am crying right now..its been going on for two months now! I cant live like this, I cant.

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