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Patient's Journey: Oxycontin to Tramadol to Suboxone to MDS (Continued)

Nov 06, 2011 - 4 comments







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This is a continuation of the blog by a recent patient the beginning of which was first posted about a month ago. I thought you would enjoy an update. If you did not catch the first installment, you can find it in my blogs. Well, here it is:

It has now been a month since I checked in to MDS for withdrawal from Suboxone and it is hard to believe that I am the same person. Every day life seems to get better and I experience the joy of life free from opiates. I have been very careful to follow the instructions I was given by Dr. George, Dr. Aharonov and everyone at MDS. I figure that my best thinking got me in the mess I was in, so maybe it’s time to take some direction for a while.

For the first two weeks after my procedure, I called Dr. George several times. After the procedure, I got wonderful instruction and guidance, but when I got home and real life kicked in it was a huge comfort to know that I could call and speak to him at any time if I had questions. The majority of the calls were related to medications. On every occasion, Dr. George answered my calls immediately and was always compassionate and helpful. There has never been a time that I felt that I was on my own and, at this point, I am off all the medications that were initially prescribed. I know that at least once I called just to get the reassurance that I was doing the right thing and he was always there to help.

After the first couple of weeks, I began to realize that I would need to do a little more than just sit and wait for my life to put itself back together. For that reason, when Dr. Aharonov suggested that I begin to put exercise and a healthy diet into my daily regime, I did just that. This has made a monumental difference in the way I feel. I began to go to my local gym and to walk in my neighborhood. I often get up at 5 am and go out and walk before I go to work. I feel so good and this has also helped me with my sleep and overall sense of well being. I have also worked to change my eating habits and am in better shape than I’ve been in years. It just keeps getting better.
For the past several years, because of the opiates, I slept and went to work. There was not much more to life than that for me. My joy was gone and I was depressed all the time. It is amazing how much joy has returned to my life and my family and friends love seeing me so happy. I laugh, I mean really belly laugh, all the time now. I just feel so wonderful and being around people is fun again. My kids make me laugh all the time and people want to be around me again. I cannot explain how much all this means to me because I had become a shell of a person who was sad, depressed, and depressing to be around.

I still speak to Ann every now and then. She is such a wonderful, caring person. It is awesome to know that I am more to them than just another patient. She, Dr. Aharonov, Dr. George, and all the wonderful people who make up MDS are genuine and truly care about me as a person. Although I have gotten to the point that I don’t need them as much on a daily basis, it is so very comforting to know that they are as close as a phone call away. I feel that I have a friend in Ann now and love what a precious person she is.

I am writing this for one reason only – to encourage and give hope to anyone who still suffers with the weight of opiate addiction. God knows if there had been any way that I could have stopped on my own, I would have done so. I tried for over two years and things only got worse. MDS literally saved my life and I believe that God sent me to them. Now, on the other side and free from that heavy, heavy weight, I can attest to the fact that life is so much more and can be so much better. I can only expect things to continue to get better, as long as I remain drug free. As I said before, I follow directions and things just keep getting better. If you feel alone and without hope, give Ann a call. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made and the best money I’ve ever spent. It was not easy coming up with the time and the money necessary to take the step toward having this procedure done, but I look at it like this; I would have done just about anything to make sure I had my drug on a daily basis because it was my lifeline. I just had to make a decision that I would do just about anything to become drug free. After that, there was no looking back. I had a choice. I could sit and feel sorry for myself and make excuses as to why I could not take charge of my life, or I could get to work, take the necessary steps, and, as the Nike slogan goes, just do it. No more excuses, no more “poor me”, no more victim, I am now a strong, sober woman, filled with joy and hope! Life is wonderful…….if you are hurting, please make that call!

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by patty1414, Dec 08, 2011
I found your words very encouraging. I am on tramadol n wish to start using naltraxenoe, is this ok to do.

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by mikatr, Jan 05, 2012
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and little by little I fell for the drugs. I started with Savella and hallucinated and then tried lyrica not realizing it was in the same family along with Cymbalta. The Lyrica I was up to 200 mg a day and didn't like the feeling so backed myself down to 100 mg. Cymbalta I went up to 90 mg and then back down to 60 mg. I kept getting swelling in my lips and would be put on predisone until one day I had what I feel could have been a seizure triggered by flourescent lights. It kept flashing like a camera for several minutes and I was freaked, maybe a panic attack? After that I had heart racing and felt like a heart attack. I was checked out in ER and taken off the Lyrica and had HORRIFIC withdrawels. I swelled up again and the next thing I went off (after seeing my Neorologist) was Cymbalta. HORRIFIC withdrawels again. I was also on Tizanadine and Tramadol as needed as was taking them x3 a day and I said enough, it's still effecting me so went off those last Friday. HORRIFIC withdrawels and am still going thru them. Any help out there, I know I am rattling on but this has been really bad. I highly recommend thinking twice before putting any of these meds in your mouth and they alter your brain. Read online about the withdrawels of these meds and know that they have to be doing something to you if the withdrawel is so huge. I hope I can stop one person from putting any of these drugs in their mouth. I am not sure what I will do for the pain as it is now coming back, I will see my Dr in February and address that but it was so scary to have these things happen and I still live in fear wondering if I will be okay and ever feel normal again.

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by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Jan 05, 2012
Thank you so much for sharing your painful experience with us. Let me give you a hint. At your next appointment, ask him about a medication called Zyrem, it has been shown to help fibromyalgia patients, especially those who have trouble with their sleep cycle. It causes  rapid onset of REM sleep and has to be taken several times at night, but it is worth it for those that swear by it. It is expensive and needs special pre-approval from your insurance, but as I said...
Again, thank you and good luck.

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by Riplexilayne, Jun 17, 2012
I want my life and me to be like that again im 29 at 25 I had my first house built I bought a brand new car paid off that day and was getting my dads company well I never used a drug in my life i.was just a mom working and have been in ballet and hip hop for 20 years well the week I moved in my new home I met my husband now tbe week before we fell to quick for eachother he moved in the day I did well to cut itshort he did oxys and sold them had no clue he said he worked with hisdad I went to work in tbe morning he would leave to but he wd go back home so I had no clue well a month after imoved in was happy I was coming home to celebrate that my dad was signing me tbe company the next day and had vegas trip planned 2days.after that well I get home and cops everywhere he got me raided I dropped to my knees well I got 8.felonies cause of it took his gun charge and listen he is a, pretty boy justin bieber innocent raised well I was to well I lost everything ind I started using after that and since then I lost my family my daughter passed away husbans had an affair oh he best his case anyways im pregnant now I want to get clean I have done it.before but not alone I need help how much is it wat is it im on suboxone rigt now and that's worse to me coming off of I was cleanbut when wegot back together I slipped and back.in the same spot but pregnant and im 29 now I am not this person my life is wasted I want to save left of it I can

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