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Blood work results for week 2  (Big drop in LKC)

Nov 08, 2011 - 6 comments

blood work results


blood work




week 2

Today I went and got my viral load done so will know in two weeks what 1 month of pegasys has done, though they do not expect UND until I am into the VIC for at least a month. Today is day one of the VIC...hopefully I will be Week 8!! *fingers crossed*  

I am a wee bit concerned white blood cells have dropped big time in 2 weeks!! No wonder I am out of breath!  LKC went from 6.5  to 2.8 and just from the pegasys!  I sure hope I won't be taken off this if it continues to drop that quickly.  

LKC          6.5  - 2.8
HB        150 - 133
PLT       193 - 126
LYMPH .48 - .22
AST       48 -  38
ALT        33 -  28

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by willbb, Nov 08, 2011
those values are all normal .for someone treating and the whites are not at all in the danger zone. The absolute neutrophils count(ANC) is the portion of the WBC they  should keep a close eye on sometimes if it gets <. .6  or so they may want to consider the rescue drug neupogen

The decrease in WBC will not cause fatigue or breathless ness would be the drop in HGB. that could have that effect..however yours is still doing very well at 133.

Good luck on the Vic.  and the upcoming VL test  :)


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by starshine1ca, Nov 08, 2011
Ohhh thank you Will for explaining that to me....I feel alot better knowing that.  My NEUT went from .70 to .40 so it is in the low range.  The breathing problem might be asthma related too.  Puffers are helping so that is a good thing! :-)  I really appreciate your feedback, Will.   I saw you go to TW...a great clinic.  My friend Dave went there and saw. Dr. Wong, I believe.  I am at the Positive Care Clinic in Whitby.  Thanks again, Anita

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by willbb, Nov 08, 2011
Hi Anita.. the neutrophils are at a level were many docs would want to start I mentioned . I imagine you have discussed this with him/her. They all seem to have a little different take on what is considered low enough to start.

Yes .I go to TW and  I find it to be a fine liver clinic Although Wong is not my primary Hepa ,I have seen him on  a number of occasions and seems like a very knowlegable doctor

Hope everything is all going well for you in Whitby. I  have heard good things about it also. of luck going the Vic gets going to mop up any stragglers that the PEG/Riba  didn't clean up  :)

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by starshine1ca, Nov 08, 2011
Hi Will,

I didn't get to see my doctor today, only the nurse and she did not even go over my blood work...I just happened to ask for copies, thank  goodness!  I go back in 2 weeks and get my VL for week 4 and will be sure to ask to see my doctor then to discuss this. Lucky for wonderful people like you, to help me get more educated with all this.   I like that image...the VET mopping up the stragglers..hehehe  Gooooooooo VIC!!  

Many thanks to you, Anita

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by Vannh9, Nov 09, 2011
Hey Anita,

Looks like you are moving right along. How are you feeling now that you have added Vic? I start with VIC next Saturday. I hope all is well with you...take care~


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by starshine1ca, Nov 09, 2011
Top of the morning,Vann!

My first day on VIC went really well..did my shot last night.  I am still trying to figure out how to remember all the times I have to take my meds...that is challenging.  It's not bad now..but once the brain fog hits...yikes!  I bought a 3 alarm Timex but got it home and tried it out and could not even hear the alarm...soo much for that idea! My cell has 3 alarms but I have 6 separate times I have to take my I have 2 alarm clocks out...and might have to buy another one...So it is countdown for you too, eh?  I am soo excited about this triple tx....cannot wait to be UND and then see you posting your UND date!  Life looks sooo bright and promising right now!!  

Hugs, Anita

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