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again, but not so bad

Nov 08, 2011 - 0 comments









no energy





Tired - yeah that is my song I guess and all the research I do makes me think that things won't get much better.  Today isn't as bad as Sunday - I haven't had a day like that in a long time.  I ached all over and my feet were burning again with pains in the toes to arch like when I first started with the neuropathy.

Today, I did get some things done though and I used the elliptical machine, but forgot to record the distances etc which is what the program wanted.  Gee, if I do all my trackers every day, that will take half my awake time!

I think what I hate the most is the constant drained feeling I have.  It's like someone unplugged me, or turned off the lightswitch.  I'm awake from the meds - especially if I take two of them.  But I hate the feeling the meds give me - I'm awake, but I don't feel productive and have absolutely no energy.  Then there will be days like Saturday when I was able to stay awake for 12 hours!!!  But after 10 or so hours I was awake but competely drained of energy.  But I made it!  Of course I paid for it on Sunday - oh well, such is life!

It's kinda nice that I have this to vent on.  I'm not sure how a blog works anymore. Had one for awhile when Doug died but that was years ago - I wonder if it's still there.  Hmmm.  

Well I should quit spoiling myself and finish what I need to do today before I fall asleep at the computer.  

Oh that reminds me - all of a sudden it seems like I wake up every 4-5 hours - of course I have to pee right away - I get a drink, but I'm still so tired that I go back to sleep - but it takes awhile.  I just started to put "that" in my trackers.  And it seems that my body aches - especially my neck and shoulders.  I've changed pillows a couple of times now with no success.   I can't seem to roll over without waking up due to the CPAP mask.  Gheesh!  I'm done!

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