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Digital thermometer

Nov 11, 2011 - 0 comments








I have just been frustrated and bothered by the whole BBT and digital thermometer temps.
I took my temp this morning with BOTH. BBT said 97.44 and 97.55 the second time. The Digi said 99.1 and 99.0 the second time.
Which is it??
I know when I checked my temp within the first week of having Mirena removed it was always about 98.4-98.6.
I have had a virus going around in my house. I had a bit of sinus stuff going on but it wasn't major and I didn't have a runny nose or anything.
Lately I have just felt crappy. Nausea every now and then. The other day I felt like I might vomit but nothing happened(Which has happened a few other different times). I have been getting headaches and feeling tired.
I am going bananas.
I am on CD47, which is insane. I have never had a cycle so long.

My CM was sticky and creamy for a few days. For the past 2 days it has just seemed creamy.
My cervix doesn't feel low or high. It feels medium. And as far as texture it feels medium. When I say that I mean the cervix feels shorter? If that makes sense. And it feels both hard and soft. Confusing.
I took HPTs Nov 2 and Nov 5. They came out negative.
I'm going to take another one soon. If it's negative then I guess I'll just wait for AF to continue charting.
If I had to guess I would say I am 17dpo now. Who knows tho.

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