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Work Alarm Situation

Nov 12, 2011 - 0 comments






My Cell was on silent and I didn't realize it until 8:00.  Bosses DD had called at 5:00 to tell me they were having a problem setting alarm - I call the security company and it is not set so  I drive over go in check the pannel - reset and then arm alarm- call the security company to make sure the recieved the closing.  Then I can not remember if I had locked on of the doors and I was home so I drive back turn alarm off - go inside and of coarse the door is locked.... I make sure both doors are locked and then reset the alarm again.... call the security company again - by now they are thinking dang what is wrong with this girl.... I then finally go home... and as I get there I am thinking over and over and over in my head... did I lock both doors? Did I really set the alarm? urgggggg

My Lovely example of my Obsessive thinking!

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