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End Week 9 ~ 11/13/11

Nov 13, 2011 - 8 comments

Week 10


HepC & Tx


Healthy Eating





Yeah !  is all I have to say from the week from hell.   Headaches that would not go away .      I pledge allegiance to my water, that I will drink  you no matter what, no less than 100 ounces a day.   If I gag, I will gag and drink more.   But I will drink my water !   If Fireeah approaches me, I will take another Imodium and drink more water.    Water, Water, water....  The key to success !    Having said that !   I am done with week 9 ~  Week 10 on INC starts in the morn.   3 more flippin weeks of this crazy madness and hopefully I will read "UND"   My Dream, My Prayer & Hope !
I am totally running out of things to eat without gagging.   Like many others that had the supreme approach of taking care of their selves with extreme healthy measurements of eating properly,   I have had it with PB, to the point of where I cant even smell it and bagels just dont do the trick anymore either.    So I have done the undesirable and went to Google and pulled up every fast food chain located by me and pulled up their nutrition values on the food menus.  
You would be surprised (maybe not) with the food you can get with mega fat grams.    Sonic is on my venue for tomorrow !   Maybe Dairy Queen for Lunch !    Ha Ha !  McD's For supper !     I might even get some energy, who knows !  But one day wont kill me other than my billfold :)    

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by screaming48, Nov 14, 2011
Hang in there drink your water, I was finally able to start drinking water last week, I also have 3 weeks left and will be so glad. I gave up on bagels the first week they were too chewy and that was all I could take same with pb I will never eat that again. The fast food wont kill you yet, just remember 3 weeks to go and we wont have to worry about the fat grams which I am also fed up with. We can do it! anne

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 14, 2011
Hi Anne,  I am telling you If I have to look at PB again I will Jump off a cliff !  LOL    Week 10 today,  OM Gosh only three more complete weeks to go.   Can you believe it ?????    I cant!       Just got up and I am trying to muster some energy up and actally fix something good for breakfast, I was going to town, but I think I will stick with bisquits and gravy this morning.    
My goal today is not to have a headach !  Thats right maybe I can flush it out with water.   I ve had one for 3 weeks or more now and I think its the meds,  I wake up and no headache and as soon as I take my riba and Inc , here it comes, its driving me batty !    
Ok, on with the day !    Hugs girl, and Yes we are doing this and going to bash that monster to pieces !       Carrie    xoxo

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by belle19, Nov 14, 2011
sorry to read about your last week.  i hope things get much better for you.  so you only have 3 more weeks of inc.  that's great.  from what i read about that stuff it seems to be brutal to endure.  do you have rashes too?  i did my 21st shot and i will find out 12/9 which group i'm in.  (i'm in a double-blind study trial).  it all may be over then.  it'd be a great early xmas present for me.  i don't want to get my hopes up too much.  take care.  belle

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 14, 2011
Hi Belle !  Yes, I do have some rash's but they have been pretty well managed for the most part.   I get alot of them in my groin area which is painful and then I have skin peeling , so it stinks pretty bad for the most part but I am making it.   My problem is drinking water.   I get enough fluids down in me, its the water I max out on about 80 ounces everyday and thats about it, then its hurling time.    I wake up puking !    
I hope all goes well for you, right now I am trying to figure out how I am going to manage Thankgiving dinner, if at all possible.   Most of the time i dont have the energy to stand and cook an egg let alone a dinner.   So we may be going out to eat, I just dont know if I can live with out the leftovers !!!!    Especially the homemade dressing Yummmm !  
Belle you stick it out, you can do this, your already there almost.....  Keep prayin, God wont lead you to a closed door !  

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by screaming48, Nov 15, 2011
Girl I am not doing Thanksgiving! There is not way I want to be cooking turkey or anything else, my husband can go to some of the familys deals everyone does there own thing anyway.
Carrie I finally had some energy today and cleaned my kitchen and a brand new jar of pb was on the counter, I know its silly but I looked at it and gagged, the whole jar went into the garbage.
I have become my parents  and middle aged I have reached a milestone in my life, I now have prep H suppositories in the refrigerator door. Isn't that something lol.
Belle I hope you get that Christmas gift what a great one that would be to be finished with tx! Hang in there you have done so well.

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 15, 2011
LOL !  Screaming your a Hoot !    I get it totally :)    There are 3 jars of PB in my Cabinet right now, and if it wasnt for my PB eatin' Husband they would be in the trash too !     I've also got 2 cases of ramen noodle soup in there, which I love and is packed with Fat grams, but I cant stand to look at another bag of the crap !   LOL
Middle age.... It aint for sissys thats for sure.   You open up my frig and in the butter keeper you will find Prep H sup as well , not to mention anything else that might need cooled for our comfort !   Crazy I tell ya !  I dont want to get old and I feel like I have lost so many years with this disease.   I pray we gain them back..... Like Pronto !   LOL :)  

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by Diane1186, Nov 16, 2011
Still trying to do healthy fat, especially in the morning.  I have a small Greek yogurt (full fat), is also a great protein source.  I also take a tablespoon of olive oil.  I know that sounds gross but it goes down quick, no real taste, and chase it with water.  I sometimes do 2 tablespoons for my full fat.

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by Livinontheedge, Nov 16, 2011
Diane,  I am still to find Greek Yogurt in the market with full fat, I guess people around my parts are not wanting the fat.    Olive oil is good and it is full of good things too !      I bought some Coconut flesh w/ oil at $13.00 a jar at the health food store yesterday.   I got to tell ya , its about the worst thing I ve ever gagged down, so dont do it !   It is full of fat though !      

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