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The Shame of Relapse

Nov 14, 2011 - 2 comments












I relapsed. Im so mad at myself. I took tramadol once because i had a very weak moment and then i used vicodin this weekend. Im very uphappy with myself and barely slept last night. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and sobbing because i have failed myself and so many others. I would have been over 35 days clean now. instead im starting over from day one and i feel like garbage. I was given a free ticket from withdrawal last time and i doubt i'll be so lucky again. I am so down and low right now that my heart hurts. I wish i had made the other decision and flushed them. Im so sorry to everyone and to myself. I'll pick myself up and try again.

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by laurel453, Nov 14, 2011
You have not failed, evil.. you are one of the most courageous girls i have met here, keep walking and fighting... learn from this experience and don't you dare giving up ;).... you didn't make the best decision by not flushing them but you can make good decisions now...

1570583 tn?1326218121
by evilways, Nov 15, 2011
I keep trying to tell myself that I can keep going and than i didnt fail too much. Just to pick myself up and try again. I already am having withdrawals though and last time i didnt have any. i was given an amazing opportunity and i threw it away. Thank you for the support. I need friends right now. thank you thank you

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