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31 weeks 4 days appointment

Oct 08, 2008 - 3 comments

Just had my appointment with my midwife.  Everything is looking good and I measuring just fine.  I just can't wait to meet my son!  I may get another ultrasound hear in a couple of weeks - we will see.  My fingers are a little swollen, but not my feet (yet).  I weighed in at a whopping 182.2 pounds (gained 3 pounds since 2 weeks ago).  My blood pressure was fine and Landen's heart rate was okay (140's), but something weird happend with the doppler.  After we got the initial reading it jumped to 199 - 200 BPM and midwife said that it was picking up my heart rate along with Landen's and combining the 2.  His heart rate did not sound any different and she said that it doesn't sound like 200 BPM either.  My uterus measured at 31 cm.  Next appointment is 10/22 and I will be 33 weeks 4 days.

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by BTS1022, Oct 08, 2008
Im glad everything went well at your appointment, and that you and Landen are healthy. I had the same thing happen with my doppler reading before, so I wouldnt try to worry to much. Wishing you a happy and healthy next few weeks!

Good Luck!

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by durhamjk1, Oct 08, 2008
Thanks! I am glad to hear that someone else had the weird doppler reading before too!

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by newbiemami08, Oct 10, 2008
glad to hear everything is doing great!  I have an appt on the 15th!  no more u/s but it's coming close to the finish line ha?!

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