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Boceprevir screening on Friday 10/10

Oct 09, 2008 - 2 comments


I'm hoping that this is the beginning of my tx journey.  I really want to tx at the trial site as all staff are very positive and uplifting.  With all the krapola I just went thru with my GI, it certainly is a welcoming site to actually have ppl smiling instead of looking constipated.  lol

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by Frankie46, Nov 26, 2008
you're's amazin how much information..I recieved from this site.....helps me tremendously..
.everyone is so helpful....& nice.....ppl here you gt thru The Bad Days....that's what I love about this site the most.
wish you the best...God Bless. :)

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by tonggie, Aug 28, 2009
Think twice about it   research it.   I now suffer from trigeminal neurlgia.  Goggle  "biological drugs and neuralgia"
I am not a medical person but this is some serious medicine.  It has destroyed my life.  I was better off before I took it.
Sorry for the bad news I just want you to realize what you are getting into.

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