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Oct 09, 2008 - 1 comments

Too bad that I didn't find this site when I could track my symptoms daily.  Nevertheless, I have so very many post tx symptoms that I have decided to track them, so that I can see the progress as I make it.  It is difficult sometimes when one is in the throes of a bad situation to be objective enough to see if there is a difference between, say, last month and last week. I have spent the last year trying one med after another, some with horrifying side effects, in an effort to get myself to the point where I can just go for a relaxing walk without having to come home and go to bed for the rest of the day.  At this point in time, I am waiting for the last drug to clear my system, and in a great deal of pain.  The bones in my legs hurt so badly that I can't sleep for more than fifteen minutes at a time when the excruciating pain awakens me.  I toss and turn all night with the same results.  I have fluttering and pain in my chest.  I have mouth ulcers and throat sores from the last med.  At first I thought it was a virus, but this week I figured out it was all linked to the med.  Fatigue is very heavy, and have been in the house all week.  Last night I called my psychiatrist who has been an absolute precious gem in working with me to get the post tx side effects under control.  Last night I caved.  I have been under the stress of so much pain for so long a period of time that I absolutely lost it, both physically and mentally.  I called her and asked for pain meds, some type of opiate, which is the one family of drugs that doesn't affect me too negatively, and she called some in.  This morning I feel real again after having taken my pain meds.  I don't get any "buzz" off of them, just a feeling of normalcy.  It doesn't take away all of the pain, but at least about 65% of it, which at least puts it in a range that I can manage.  My mom is 70 and in a nursing facility and I don't know how much time I've got left with her.  She's one of my best friends. I can tell her anything, and I know I'm really fortunate to have that.  I have been missing her a lot lately but haven't felt like I could make it to go see her.  Along with the pain comes incredible depression.  Since I've taken the pain meds I feel like I can finally have the ability to get out, so I think I'll go see her today.  My dad is elderly too.  74 and just last year had an aortic aneurism repaired.  Had the most horrendous surgery that the body can tolerate and nearly died.  One year later, (last week) he had to have a new vessel put in as the bypass that was done was not allowing the blood to flow to the back of his head and he's had over 30 falls this year from balance problems due to lack of blood flow.  This week he is like a new man!  What a relief.  I think he'll go another 10 years at this point.  Maybe while I'm feeling better I can go help him out a little too.  Anyway, that's where I'll start my tracker

Hepatitis C Tracker
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by skb28642, Oct 11, 2008
Oh can i ever relate.I tried to write everyday in a journal while on tx. i finished them in 2004 and still havent recovered 100%. I  have 2 full spiral notebooks where i wrote eveything down that crossed my mind,,including the feeling that there was little green army men fighting ww3 inside of me. our docs need to know that some form of pain relievers should be given to those of us that have severe pain. the meds are deadly and have plenty of side-effects. I have never gotten a buzz off pain meds..i needed them so bad that there isnt anything left for my brain cells to get happy. Arthritis meds have too many side-effects and are making me feel worse than better, I cried alot from the pain and sheer misery! They dont stop the pain but like you, it knoked it down 45-65% good enough to feel like living a little and to help me to get the things done that had to be done. Thanks for sharing it with us.skb28642

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