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New Celiac Information

Oct 09, 2008 - 0 comments

Celiac disease


Thiamin Deficiency




Congestive Heart Failure

This information was found over months of research.

What is called Celiac Disease is a collection of possible symptoms that describe damage caused to the human body when there exists an inability to deal with Wheat Gluten. Recent research suggests that many more people are affected by this than were previously thought. Some medical professionals are beginning to suspect that the human digestive systems were not designed to deal with large amounts of grains, and that we do not really have the necessary compliment of enzymes needed to digest such foods properly. The list of possible symptoms is very long.

Digestive disturbances: Including IBS, excess gas, constipation, loose bowels, etc.

Skin Rashes: Blistery patches on elbows, knees, buttocks, etc., can be severe.

Auto-immune problems: Including arthritic changes, muscle spasms, bone pain, weakness, Lupus-like changes, MS-like changes, Fibromyalgia, Myelin associated disorders, Neuropathic changes like numbness and pain in extremities, etc..

What happens, apparently, is that, over years of intestinal abuse, proper absorption of nutrients becomes an increasingly debilitated facility. As this deepens, symptoms surface, probably caused by the absence of certain needed nutrients whose effects are only seen when depletion becomes a threat to the overall health of the individual. This means that, if you have many symptoms, you are VERY ill, and should immediately get help.

In my research, I discovered that Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is extremely depleted in Celiacs, and will cause dire problems if not treated. Disturbances of fluid balances, swelling of extremities, congestive heart failure, disturbances of heart rhythms, extreme weakness, are among these. (Look up Beri-Beri, it's a long list) Add to this that, in persons with symptoms of congestive heart failure, the first drugs given are extreme diuretics, which alone cause a severe depletion of Thiamine, further deepening the problem. I have been taking supplements containing Thiamine in high amounts (Thiamine is water soluble) and have had many of my heart problems subside very nicely, to my great surprise!

My point in bothering with this is to warn that our medical science is not paying close enough attention to what it already knows. This puts us all in some danger, and we need to be pro-active about our health, and not rely entirely upon the medical community, which is wonderful, but can't be everywhere at once.

Here is a link to a scientific site which gives the standard tests for Celiac.  It also corroborates what I have learned.

Good luck out there,


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