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the beginning

Nov 23, 2011 - 0 comments

diet pills


food intollerances


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Weight Loss



today is the start of my weight loss, after orignially loosing 6 stone i have recently put back on 3 stone. i have to loose half a stone in 4 weeks although my goal is 1 stone in 4 weeks.
my problem is snacking. i have to have something every hour and i dislike eating full meals. what i need to do is eat 3 meals a day of low fat and no snacking inbetween. i also dislike the taste of fruit and veg, so i need to get over this and eat it as its good for me. i need to swap soda for water and exercise minimum of an hour everyday. i want to go running every lunch break and do yoga and a fitness dvd in the evenings.
my aim is to be slimmer, fitter and more tonned. i want to fit back in my size 6-8 clothes comfortably and be healthier for it. i am currently taking diet pills given to me by the doctors, i do suffer with food intolerances which makes it harder for me to stay healthy.

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