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POAS Addict!

Nov 23, 2011 - 0 comments

POAS Addicts





Why is it so tempting to test when I get home?? I know I am only 6 DPO but I actually don't know how accurate that is, all I know is that my cycle when I have regular periods is ALWAYS 30 days, but when I don't it is all crazy. So my LF is about 15 days. I am going to sound stupid but I am literally doing the potty dance because I want to try and have a good chance at testing. AF is due Monday so that is 5 days before what would be my missed period so debating on taking a FRER. BLAHHHH I just want to forget about it but it is hard because I am soooo hopeful! I guess I figure if I take one and it is negative I can calm myself down a little bit just in case this isn't my month. Still hopeful though. <3

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