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Nov 24, 2011 - 2 comments



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Been taking Folic Acid, Vits B, C, & D, and Calcium, way before I became pregnant, but only just seen these options on this site today, lol!

Sooooo tired!  Went to see midwife yesterday, and heard Baby's heartbeat!!!  So happy!  didn't think I'd get to hear it till later on, I'm only just over 16 weeks!

Also, blood pressure quite low - 105/60 - Every time I've had my blood pressure taken it's been lower than the last time, but midwife isn't worried, she'd prefer it to be high than low, tho did tell me that the low BP could be why I'm feeling so washed out and tired all the time.  Glad I've found a reason, I was beginning to worry about the extreme fatigue - I have no energy and just want to sleep all the time!

Our little Angel :o)
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1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Dec 01, 2011
I was same way if you move around and do things you'll see the fatigue go away. . Even though you wont want to move lol. . Once you do your energy levels will boost up :) :)

1715604 tn?1332089576
by NatM80, Dec 01, 2011
You're right, the last thing I want to do when I'm so tired is move, but i find, if I've been busy and out and about all day, I do feel so much better.  Just bought "Just Dance" for Wii, so I'm going to start doing that, as I don't want to gain too much unnecessary weight, already look like an umpha lumpa! x

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