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Felt like a rag doll.

Nov 26, 2011 - 4 comments

Today was terrible. tripped going up the stairs, dropped all my books. Walking home i kept veering off the sidewalk, my feet turn inwards when i walk and i don't know how to make it stop. So tired but can't sleep, makes me very emotional and i get irritated very easily. Without sleep i can hardly function.

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1914381 tn?1322328155
by musicnotes89, Nov 26, 2011
Did this seem to come out of no where a while back? Have you read about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME? I would read up on that and see if you have more symptoms of it. If you do, go see a doctor as soon as you can to make sure it's not more serious. Also, try playing around with your diet to see if it improves how you feel. I did that and I feel great if I do not eat wheat products, packaged foods or red meat. Hope you feel better soon; I know how it feels. I have struggled with a similar problem since I was 12, almost 11 years ago. Just try hard to figure out how to alleviate the symptom as much as possible. Also, ask your doctor about melatonin therapy to help you fall asleep/stay asleep. :)

1914355 tn?1323636574
by ShakingBeauty, Nov 26, 2011
it's been happening for a couple years actually, the foot thing i mean. no i haven't read about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, i'll have to look it up though. i remember i stopped eating meat for a bit and it just made my emotions even worse. i have been thinking of going to a doctor but figured maybe it wasn't a big deal. thanks though, i'll get to the docs and make sure it isn't too serious :)

1064552 tn?1322579758
by Chrystalheart, Nov 30, 2011
If falling is a problem, you could use a cane.  It gives you an extra 'leg' to balance on when one trips or gives out.  Good luck with diagnosis!  I hope you can get some sleep.  Sleep usually helps.

1914355 tn?1323636574
by ShakingBeauty, Nov 30, 2011
i'm 15, i trip a lot and my legs are somewhat weak but i am going to have to refuse a cane. i try to get sleep but i slept for 12 hours and i still felt completely tired and it didn't help at all, i got tired just a few hours after i woke up. thanks though.

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