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i feel bluhg

Oct 09, 2008 - 0 comments

how do you get throught those days that you just dont feel good enought to get out of bed, let along, do anything physical...???

Today i woke up at 5am (an hour before my usual waking time) took my prenatals, and weighted myself, and did all my normal morning stuff... but the only differents was i had the worst headache, it was so bad that it accually made me feel like i was going to throw up!...

so i went to bed again at around 6am and woke back up at 10am... so find that my husband was not home from work yet, i still didn't feel any better, and wanted to throw up even more... and to top it off, i had cotten mouth! so i drank a glass of water, and checked my temp. 98.08... thats no too bad is it? i stayed awake a little while, tried to get enought momentum to do anything. but couldn't. i couldn't pull myself to fold londry!!!

so i took some pain meds to hopfully make it to where ican do any of my daily chores... and all i found my self was back in bed till 1pm... by now i havn't do anything around the house, the dogs havn't been out, havn't ate, and my husband is stilling there on the computer playing games instead of helping me get stuff done!!! WTF! its all he ever does now... i just wanna break all our computers so that he will have no other choice but to help...  it just frusterates me so much... then to top it off, he was int he kitchen making some food for himself, and i ask if he can make me some fried eggs, and he flat out said "no, i dont feel like it"... i had to walk away.. what an a$$! i mean really come on! i've been in bed all day feeling like my insides are going to jump out of me and you can even make me eggs????? really????

what ever, hes a loser..

i still have to get my college work done, but i can bearly look at my computer screen to type this blog let along read, and respond to 80 messege.... as well as read and respond to the Daily question!

Can i just crawl back into to hole i came from and all it good???

uhg, i have to go...

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