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A long, dizzy silence

Nov 26, 2011 - 0 comments



Lyme Disease






western blot





After a summer of WTF I finally got to the root of my horrendous constellation of symptoms with a pair of positive Western blots *and* a positive PCR/DNA for Lyme disease.

Curiously, the particularly strain of Lyme that I've got is not known to exist in the US, and the CDC (and, by extension, its puppets like Lab Corp) doesn't test for it - I had to pay out-of-pocket for a comprehensive PCR to find out exactly what I had. This led me to take a more aggressive stance on Lyme.

Since leaving Arizona I found an LLMD in Colorado and have spent the last four months sequestered here, receiving treatment. It has worked miraculously; I am not completely cured yet, but I am definitely in the "final stretch" and in what my doctor considers record time.

Meanwhile, during this time I put my aggression and research skills to work, and wrote an article on the geography of Lyme. It's posted here if anyone wants to read/comment/critique it:

(I don't think MedHelp lets people post active links so you'll probably have to copy+paste.)

All of this was made possible by help from the community here at MedHelp, particularly Jackie; before joining on here I had no idea what an LLMD was or how many i-lads would fit in a swimming pool.

Thanks again everyone!

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