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Nov 26, 2011 - 0 comments




I haven't been able to take my BBT because of the holiday. I wanted to this morning but my daughter got sick and I had twice as many kids because I was watching my cousins children. They would not go to sleep! I swear they woke up at 3am. My kids are on a set schedule. They go to bed @8 and fall asleep before 9:30pm. They do not wake up that early and I know it was because their cousins woke them up. What a crazy day!

My temp from thursday was after I woke up and I got up for a minute ot two before laying down to do it. So, I know it's not right. My cervix was definitely hard and closed that day I checked. I checked it friday and it seemed more open than it had thursday. Really that's the hardest I have felt my cervix since having Mirena removed. I am hoping that means I won't have a 50 day cycle.
I bought an OPK but not sure when I want to start taking it. I know last time I had an abundance of CM for about 4 days. So maybe I will wait for it to show up? Also last time I started testing at CD10 and didn't even get a test line for over a week.
Maybe I'll wait til CD19. We'll see.
good luck to anyone else still trying!

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