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been sick all month and doctors give me no explaination!!!

Nov 27, 2011 - 0 comments

idk why ive been having hot flashes lost of appettie votmiting every and any kind of food i eat hieghtent blood pressurelost about 7 pounds and gained all 7 back the next week and have cold like symtpoms for a whole month went to the doctors 4 times this month got one more doctors appointment on the 29th and was only suggested at my last appointment to follow up with a pregnancy test in 2 weeks which means december 3rd or sometime around then ppl have been picking up my symptoms. lower back hasnt gone away and my stomach and pelvis is hard as a rock also my nipples been dischaging and my cm's is thick white and creamy all this month went to the hostpital had them draw blood nothing not a uti common cold flu or anythang to explain my sinus cold to be this long also i have no infection in my nose mucus its clear like allergies. maybe the doctors suspension is right idk my birth is coming up so if we are pregnant i hope my symptoms die down by then lol dont got much time tho until then.Also just if anyone reads this and wondering if ive gotten a period well i had about 7 days and a half of pink spotting.

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